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people swiftly and bitterly in a contraction of his whole ner

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mother died as a result of burns. One sister was still

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of Scarlatina in the Med. Record of October 7 illustrated.

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pupil. In an observation in the Bulletin de Therapeutique 1865

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extremely serious phase of this subject is the effect of

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like resistant character and cylindrical form. It lies in

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this relative played a role in his spiritual life until they were

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supporters of special dental education shall now that dental education

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bered that during this period of time the World War had upset

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valescent but on first getting up was affected by a transient

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through the alimentary canal. These it destroys to a certain

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thing more material but differing in that it may only be communicated

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color was increased and of a reddish cyanotic type and her hemo

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ceded by a longer period of indisposition. As a rule there are pharyngeal

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It is not the province of the medical man to lay down any

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responsible for the catarrhal condition but in cholera it is probably a direct

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be repaid with interest in the enriching of the students lives.

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The following factors enter into the creation of this per

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over the external condyle of the humerus. There was little

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In her case the neuralgia commenced at 17 and I have

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regard to this the idea of inherited tendency should not be taken

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alterations in the development of other parts of the body.

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diseases it occurs not unfrequently. Leaving out of consideration

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ful results which follow nature s processes they are so complex and

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may predominate and to so marked an extent that two

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the surface the amount of thickening of the walls and the presence or

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If the latter are as has been claimed derived by differentiation from

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wall. But the fact of the patient being in the third stage of

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effects are caused by the same substance which produces hemolysis

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of their proper functions in phonation and deglutition. These parts are

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ment was lost and the resolution that the salary should remain as

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birth rate aud too. I would direct their attention to the

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The two great classes f foods required by nature are the nitrog

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fact that in all lesions of this kind the great dan

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and coincidentally of the uterus so that the foetal membranes are

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college men prominent men in the profession. Probably

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sketch. Author of Life of James Fenimore Cooper Studies in Chaucer History

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but the analyst. Thus the formula for the interpretation of fear and

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that has elapsed since that complaint was made many additions of

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around the radius. When the hand is semi pronated this

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Society. It deals essentially with the efficiency of

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good skin reaction. Cold hand baths appear to change

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Microscopic findings. The bronchi form the centers of many of the pneumonic patches.

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Treatment. No special treatment is called for unless the pain is severe

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arranged the certificate stating that the candidate was

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darteritis. In all these instances the diagnosis was

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ity. Isolated loss of muscle sense usually shows itself in

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docarditic changes have not passed the first stage it is not very

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same time the author has included a good deal of valuable material.

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will be organized in Montreal. This movement is undertaken

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salts of iron silver and zinc and many vegetable solutions as those

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sometimes in cases of painful swallowing bismuth carbonate with

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as favorable as any place immediately accessible to Los Angeles.

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stance called sebum and occurs commonly on the scalp or

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productions. Another Cow which stood beside this one. anTvS had

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anguish. AVilh every attempt to rise up vertigo comes on and vomit

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solutions of common salt precipitated the algal food of the larvae

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of a soft catheter to be introduced to the required

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scattered ideas concerning hundreds of medicinal agents. It is

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This mixed vaccine is therefore merely a carbolized

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able disease and to improve general health conditions.

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loss of voluntary motion. The sensory tract centres and

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scopy than to choose an operation regardless of in

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account of diseases or defects or deficiencies of the eyes and ears 11.9

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of disease of the ninth tenth and eleventh nerves in amyotrophic lateral

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the seafaring people of all nations. The cause assigned

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inetritis and choritis. The amnion may be retained in

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the ready transference of the affection to the inferior tract of the respiratory

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organs showing a special tendency to settle down in the

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He had had an attack of pertussis in December 1886

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enlargement is chiefly due to oedema and is yet sufficiently pronounced

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Harrison Treatment of Gonorrhoea in General Practice.

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high tension but not so high here too the albumen varies in amount

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atonement 3 Cathartic designed to cast out disease from the body by rites

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prevented from seeing you for several months. I am happy to

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rosary in the midst of a striped basal tissue which is explained

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