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agnosis When many of our standard authors say that we
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urethra is healthy it certainly should not have weak spots as vari
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reported upon 2 051 head or 0.55 died. The estimated annual
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by many women mostly out of Europe and there are authentic
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that although it displaces and pushes them against the ventricles it
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the form of cataplasms or discutient liniments are least hurtful.
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ing up. and then rising from the sitting posture to
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marize the many interesting results embodied in these
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ments in which they are engaged. He also took strong
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potlible as the difeafe is often upon them for fome
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What has been said of treatment applies only to the well marked cases
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regards Aconite on the appearance of the first volume lt
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with sterilized water and 2 cubic centimetres 32 minims injected
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ecbolic agent known and has never seen it produce tonic
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from the frequency of delirium tremens. Thoracic pain and fever may
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the tendons being exposed. The urine examinations were
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inastoi l bone grew profuse colonies of streptococci.
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Radiographic effects are of a chemical and radiotherapeutic
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nar gt vogue in the seventeenth century through the fact that tartar emetic
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through is by no means entirely constant but in the great major
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features to paresis and indeed sometimes spoken of as a
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that the disease is first diagnosticated to a fortnight
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Ceremonial Ovariotomy. In the writings of Strabonius and Alexander
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Ere 1875a 1875b 1875g in dogs. Koelliker 1849b. Ixjpez 1888a 137
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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. A colourless transparent limpid fluid
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be exempt. The affected surfaces frequently develop very marked pigmentation. Deep
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profound melancholia which we find associated vith advanced gastric disease
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There is certainly good reason for believing that true
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Externally. Potassa Caustica is a powerful irritant and
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It is known that to drink a glass of milk at breakfast
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emptying itself. To determine how long it takes in the rabbit before ingested
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years experience of its beneficial effects in the Meath Hospital where it
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with granular contracted kidneys and hypertrophied heart. The large
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in that much of the necessary groundwork has already been done
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tion with general anasarca such as is deyeloped in Bright a disease.
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the ready transference of the affection to the inferior tract of the respiratory
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Baldtngee Ernestus G.. Sylloge selectiorum opusculorum
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by it nor is dilatation of the blood vessels apparent.
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beats arising in the atrioventricular tissue that difl erentiation will
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transferred the disease to the scrotum and when that part has
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eration was not indicated in every case and was dis
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ture be high the patients may be placed into a cool bath
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salts in dilute solutions so that there seems to be a close relationship
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inspired air. Recent experiments indicate that lobar pneumonia
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that the idea of resecting the presenting coil was con
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from any mixture with any other and may be a pure Suffolk
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Colonel A. O. Evans Inspector General of Civil Hospitals Burma
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being an essay to a new method of observing the most impor
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The preceding general discussion of the mediastinum and its clinical
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conditions but that are undoubtedly due to varied and as yet
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ings but whatever may be the method adopted the life of
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yielding of the weakest spot. Had such recklessness
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A. L. Reed before the Northwestern Ohio Medical As
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given six drops not minims of the following belladonna mixture Tincture
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stories and landed on his buttocks. Immediately after
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It will be seen that the skin cases furnish about 2 per
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crease is usually purely relative. When the increase in the lympho
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which may fortunately put an end to the insanitary condi
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made of iuyce of hearbes the Emplafter of betony diffol
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tion of the pancreatic juice when the loop of the intestine
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regards the cranial nerves he remarks that the eighth is the most frequently
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the part of the body which it attacks particularly in the lower limbs.
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alio loco quatuor dedit. Clemens priorem Ochum seu nominum simi
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In women pain was complained of along the urethra and within
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achieve an honorable reputation and the fair rewards of successful for
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cannot be removed where it is not possible to break the spell
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dog breaks his leg the fragments are not held together by
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for motion led him to express his belief that the columns
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her new born child unless he has personally seen her behavior
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beinc removed. The free ends were united with the inter
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When an examination is made within a few days after delivery
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cent quite unreliable before the end of the second month.
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turbance of the inflamed part may cause a lingering chronic process of
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ten cell laj ers thick. At the apex however the external nuclear
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opinion considered that a different course of treat
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blood may be found. Microscopical examination of films shews notable
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ing could be noted. When the woman was first admitted to
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placenta is expelled it ih placed in a pan. and the
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treating with dead cultures and protects as well or better it would
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establishes between us a bond of sympathy. The vitality and
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body of the heart sUght diastolic murmur at the base and down the
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with blood.5 The wabeno of the Ojibways was alleged to
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Many diseases are also caused by unhealthy occupations. It is
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mal cells or possibly as some think by liberating the
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hours after this dose the patient may take a teaspoonful of Turpentine
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general lassitude dyspepsia with acidity of stomach rest at night dis
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as follows 1 Homologous tranisplantation of a normal
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mental industry. That a youth of twenty six years barely who had