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fSuXe of two separate cuts were adverse to the toeory o "suicide.

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proper manner. It preventead and relieved many dis-

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so doing we should retard or diminish muscular development. Gymnastic

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Following the arrest of a midwife in Cleveland, for failure to

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The examination of the blood in my patient also dealt with the con-

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tirely disappear. In my case, the boot was only kept on a

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allowed a little more time. The object of this paper will

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Too long persisted in, a milk diet. Dr. Martiny tells us, is prone

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the sudden manner in which the ague fit sometimes commenc-

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mal attacks of diarrhoea and vomiting, occurring without

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directions given by Professor Landerer. Beginning with

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blood rushes out in torrents. According as the bleeding vessels are located,

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stimulated appetite may lead to other affections — such as-

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place the butter upon it cut in small pieces, sprinkle a little

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tains culminating in Pike's Peak, 14, 200 feet high.

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superstition and mingle it openly with deceit, to oppose the

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their life. Only three out of his thirty-three cases had

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strongly recommends the lumbar puncture and the bacteriological exami-

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II. Free transverse perineal incision ; visual control of enuclea-

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with the comparatively unknown substances of the vegetable

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ture is applied, a capsule will surround the ligature so as not

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best manner of "preparation" of each medicinal, an enormous

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I have had some experience in being threatened with

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students are crammed with facts, which, though useful for educa-

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(386), and persistent friction of the limbs and spine,

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the Stomach-Tube.— Dr. A. W. Perry, of San Franciso,

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preparation, and it is my opinion that it is much better

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occur after hsemoptysis in the course of a chronic tuberculosis.

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ment the orifice closed so as to permit of the retaining

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also a small portion of the internal cuneiform bones.

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