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when taken in large doses or in concentrated solution acting as a

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by medical men will be apparent from two or three considerations.

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likely to act as a deterrent than the prospect either of death

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hundred were produced. In the case of bees it seems evident that the

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Society copy of which had previously been sent to each Councillor.

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The most remarkable of these cases is that reported by

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happens that various methods of exorcism are devised.

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absence of Professor Nattall. and congratulated him and

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What objections None that is valid. Migrations do not inter

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which the initiates were especially interested. Since

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temporary deafness are simply due to forgetfulness of the cause. A strange

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In conclusion it may be stated that there is no evidence

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the blood escapes in venesection when the jaw of the ox is moved

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American Neurological Society closed its annual ses

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break of this disease in the Northwest Territories. It is particularly

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and preventing secondary hemorrhage. 4. Its action can be

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inches wide and sufliciently long to be wrapped six or eight times

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julin who has figured and described the dentition of the lower jaw

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is succeeded by its absorption and anodyne influence thus preserving the in

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quite unable to hold it steady. This is one of the symptoms

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Point out the purposes of the various structures and fluids which contribute to

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opportunities of direct observation of the brain as operative procedures

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in bed and then transfer him to the operating table. He

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was not found which in the opinion of the author indicated that the

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was some correlation between explosiveness total ex

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morial of August 13th to the governors on behalf of the medical staff.

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duction of sesquisulphide of phosphorus iuto Iucifer match

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cirrhosis of the lungs there may be sensations of distress in the cardiac

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excitement of the lower centres its vibrations gentle at first

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a carrier of the disease because parasites develop in the fleas.

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bile about them. Do not also infants subjects in whom the

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the employment of the catheter for some time the intervals being

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looked for and particularly if tormina with other symptoms have become

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txi. i for several days. No injurious consequences will ultimately result

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promotion of health within the sphere of their respective duties.

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prove this theory one has only to cross the narrow line that bounds

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funds for the support of the institution in Stuyve

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lung is indicated by an experiment such as the following Paul

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Doerschuk A. X. A discussion of the wisdom of deleting Tvhisky

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days was an emulsion of one suprarenal capsule and half of a spleen.

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has such an irregular course and is often cured spontaneously.

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The Couucil of the Association of Certificated Blind

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losing sight of their good qualities. While based upon

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further said that she had suffered with similar at

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But those puzzling and very chronic cases which last for years

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efficient. Small doses of the bichloride of mercury of

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material it may be said 1 Bacillus abortus is for practical purposes

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tion is due to the character or peculiar action of the infect

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germs either originally in the skin or introduced at the oper

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have shown serum lipins may also inhibit the activity of normal ferments of

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sounds the training of the cerebrum and its cortex for the

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penghawar depends upon the capillary attraction of the water which

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plain water or of solution of lead and poppies 425.

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and external affections has therefore according to the St. Louis