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other districts throughout the country. Of cases re
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brought in for treatment with the history that he had positively
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covers practically the same subjects and is sufficiently com
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officers womeu and cbildien 33 cases with 5 deaths Indian
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disease a spasm of the arterioles is probably brought about by irritation of
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my mind the therapeutic value of electricity in some
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What Winckelmann did for the criticism of art during the period of
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Bemarks. The author never had any soup he liked better than this although
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this program that that would be poor management of the Depart
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Stuitoms axd Covbse. Dilatation of the heart rcndcta itt ae
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backwards were tat once readily perceived. In place of the natural rounded
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tions recount rapid amelioration of the suppurative phe
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by a blow on the head followed by several others one of which
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which would persist for several hours and keep her awake.
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mation brought together older more established faculty
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ing fit for duty the greatest possible number of men.
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right heart witli cyanosis and orthopnea two or three 10 or 12
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GLENELG PARISH COUNCIL. Medical Officer. Salary 140 per
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of his kidneys. One case with severe lar yTigitis and tracheitis now
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the faculties of arts and science and equivalent ex
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Howard Judson Hall Lee Emerson Bassett Henry David Gray and
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the successful issue proves the wisdom of the plan followed.
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London Clinical Society which in 1892 reported that the danger of in
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wishes to class himself have maintained that amaurotic family idiocy is in a
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say that the motor ambulance has come in with a mighty
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almost double. The figures for acid are the same in the two
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for a short time when a ligature was applied to the
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which at once affords relief and the attack is cured. Sometimes
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of a group familiar with even the important details in the
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of pregnancy based on a careful analysis of 404 cases has made
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here occur from various pathological processes is certainly very
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disease the process involves principally the connective
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Bloch Marcus E.. Medicinische Bemerkungen nebst einer Ab
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ported the presence of pure sulphonal in the urine after
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of these books into subjects involving much catalogue
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ment. The Blackpool Division of the British Medical
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Such a result would be the negation of the Darwinian doctrine itself
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and as occasion required and resources permitted a mobile surgical unit and
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absolute the results are as good as if not better than
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the diseased parts this can be remedied by applying an elm poultice
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disseminated sclerosis. An acute form of multiple sclerosis has occasionally
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and downe to the foot yea though ondy the legge be fra
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deal to cold and wet. He kept on taking cathartic pills
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The French sanitary formations must keep only American sick and wounded who can
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determining the different melting points of fats a test
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The Division should produce results which will be of general value to both
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mass is for the most part of a pinkish red color. The part
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the conception of tuberculous women. In another chapter of
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the second day. The tissue has a trembling jelly form appear
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quent occurrence upon the railway and they have been the
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ulcerations. Though methylene blue possesses so many qualities which should
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Dr. Fochtman had not been in the best of health although he had
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were ist. The denial of all Anima Spirit or God and
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pearances of the specimen that the sarcoma had devel
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wheel and consequently the recourse of humours to the bowels
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furthermore of a number of cases of facial palsy has shown
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the more susceptible an animal is to tetanus the more
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come ultimately to the underlying fact that the worker
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Prtit ferculorum appartUnnt quofl tamen a si oi o auetoris non cst
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tions of the animals etc. The vessels used for holding or carrying
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clearly enough. In colts which have been reared on corn and
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pounds attending to her social duties as usual nervous
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be submitted in writing for approval by the Chairman and the Dean and
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spread by sporadic cases apart from periods in which it is epidemic.
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Lungsava the recipe for which is stated to liave been long
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the heart to quinidine test a theory which if true is of fundamental
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Parasites are sometimes found in the kidney blood vessels but
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does a simple iridectomy. Of course I am not speaking from my own
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with a weak Cyl. at right angles to each other should be placed
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extensive and croupous manifestations were present in
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surgical aid is not only necessary from a humane point but a
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removed the patient complaining of very little pain.
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arthritis are chemical irritants in the blood disturbances of
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given daily except Sunday but this was found too much.
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predisposition to mental disequilibration is so strong that
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the calf it assumes different and more aggravated symptoms and is
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ductus arteriosus reaches the descending aorta to be distributed
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canal near to its outlets or by the inability of the
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The histojy of the discovery of the Plasmodium malarise
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that he will be better able to resist them and he frequently comes
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lead poisoning much less frequently uraemia and less fre
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rhoidal vein the whole alimentaiy canal showed traces of chronic
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It may possibly appear that too much space has been occu