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the only efficacious disinfectants were carbolic acid and cor
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Delegate to Industrial Fair Toronto Andrew Smith F. R.
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estimate. It is to the proportionate thickness of this deposit that the
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is a solid wedge of the elastic borny substance constituting the
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water supply is continuous and fluctuating but it may be drained
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The Odontologic 1 Society. Transactions for 1873 74.
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admitted rarity of this malady has led to the supposition that Dogs
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IS a result of definite lesions in some portions of
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position the arch of the foot is restored. Coaptation
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The rumen is a large reservoir which occupies nearly three
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end green purple black or variegated contracted into a narrow neck
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with the dignity of the personnel of the distinguished body. The scientific
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typhus being distinguished by independence of situation season or tr
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here and there annoy horses and in warm weather often
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gouty rheumatism dropsy palpitation of the heart gonorrhea enlarged
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situated either in the labyrinth or auditory nerve the middle ear being
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lacing leeching the perineum vulva or inner surface of the
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leolus had been drawn forward so that they rested on
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contact Guy Saint Jacques of my staff at 202 682 7741.
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with phosphorus necrosis of a carious tooth or of a
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along the outer border the heel and area corresponding
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In the parts of the cord below the lumbar enlargement
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examine all candidates for the posts of Surgeon or Surgeons Mate in
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urine is characterised by unnatural alkalinity and by its effects
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cylinder worked by a clockwork arrangement contained in the box
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particularly of farinaceous foods favour the occurrence of laminitis.
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young parents develop early all the characteristic features of the scrofulous
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ascertaining the practicability of tent life in the
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during the preceding week including results of all laboratory examinations forwarded
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connexion with the periosteum and by the absence of any general
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about with great difficulties. For the results which have already
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for its increase since it requires prolonged convergence of the eyes upon
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agnosis When many of our standard authors say that we
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The author is to be congratulated upon the production of a work
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Among young sheep from three to nine months old a similar
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and have lost condition. It is marked by somewhat severe pruritus
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and possibly therefore complicated with minute hemorrhages.
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the day for going into Committee on this Bill Dr. Lyons appealed to
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nofeui had taken place. The treatment consisted of rest in bed
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They impart a rich crimson colour to flame and give a
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idiopathically or result from trauma. It is probably always a streptococcus
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cancer or sclerosis which has remained latent for a long time and then
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extensive scale and are a serious insanitary condition
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This condition is brought about by a bruise or external violence
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intermissions in the course of leuktemia are not very rare
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sioned officer and four men to erect and strike the officers tents
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water. The plant has a strong peculiar rather agreeable balsamic odor
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his laurels in medical journalism and already stands
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QDiecognized. The mortality in early operation is one per cent. Very
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animals recuperate more quickly because they are not hampered
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in the right tube. This lay anterior to the uterus
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peritonitis. The tangled portion could be isolated and was
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of anthropology is an empirical science and ought never to forget
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organs of the postorbital section of the infra orbital canal. The
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month and this became intolerable at the ninth month. The head of the
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reduced that a satisfactory diagnosis and treatment
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be diluted sufficiently to occasion only a slight heat and smarting.
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pneumonia and acute rheumatism in children it has been elsewhere pointed
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who at this time was rector of the local university.
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tioner to comprehend thatit is hardly more than a decade since
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Williams Edna K 1729 North 22d Street Philadelphia Pa.
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splanchnics and the superior laryngeal nerve and the sugges
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time to time wa i increasingly violent. Apart from her
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between a good and poor breed of hogs The increasing demand for ham
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the skin with ether two scarifications are made one about 10 cm.
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Aquae destillatx 3x. precise point from which the bleeding has arisen.
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form is continued in high dilution elimination takes place by ex
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sions should be formed. In the course of an abdominal section it
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resembles creasote so closely in all its properties that in the opinion
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Tuberculosis. The bronchus and bronchioles leading to a
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Sraraoiu ASD Coursk. Tlie symptoms of paemnotbonz art
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little vitality one having been bed ridden for years
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supplemented by the scholarly labors of Gwilliam Harris Burkitt
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in a series of 143 cases to a mortality of 3 per cent.
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coronary care unit in Maryland was established at the
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and better supplies for the support of human life under conditions
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se plisserait done comme la doublure trop large d un vetement trop
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Throughout the Philippines India to Formosa and Malaya.
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main stem of the bundle is probably involved in a fibrotic change
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within the bounds of probability that the vast amount of
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tion of special breads which will not require as much spread if
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rine efforts while the patient enjoys tranquil sleep and is perfectly
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reason.ible amounts 300 to 400 cc. produce no untoward
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lowest point reached. On the thirteenth day it surpassed its
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m youth m adult age and in advanced life considered in their
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Wilson Alexander 13 Anson road Victoria park Manchester.
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Hypertrophy of the brain is mentioned by Rokitansky
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can hops to effect a permanent or lasting immunity from recurrence.
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