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membrane was present and in nearly all the epithelium appeared

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information will be submitted indicating that they have been reported previously as suspects

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not possibly be got rid of There is no special cause

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regards the cranial nerves he remarks that the eighth is the most frequently

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soldier had caught the full blast of a high explosive shell which burst

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short with a simple stigma. Fruit a globose pulpy berry two celled

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more or less viscid and brownish yellow but forms when

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high tension but not so high here too the albumen varies in amount

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As a comparative pathologist I doubt if he had a superior.

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adduced in favour of regarding erytlieraa nodosum as an

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made by him during a period of three years with artificial serum

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record of a female who menstruated every three months during the period

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Ethat learned men of other nations should make it a point of

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muscles. The muscles which seem first to be affected are those of

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tinctly that the constriction of the glottis was not complete. The

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control and customs have crystallized such a specialization is wise.

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then without murmur or weariness divided his time between Signor

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ite relations to the improvements in medical education

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on another page he says that post mortem examination shows in the

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gested by the history by the visible symptoms and especially by the

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Mrs. X aged 23 primipara gave birth on.June 7th to a

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sensation or the visual centres themselves are free

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heads of the departments of Theory and Practice Clinical

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PECTS. A series of Lectures delivered at King s College London.

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quired peculiarities and the ever changing conditions of life.

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child. Just as the body of the child was being extruded the cord

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of development when the fungus grows old or dries up.

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It is certainly true that the organism is capable of adapting

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served chemical changes in the brain of the affected birds b a

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come the source of cerebral difficulties. Frequently repeated

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out the necessary license and was fined 30 and costs by Police

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ductless glands are discussed in a most illuminating manner.

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the production of the stupendous Thesaurus Linguae Latinae.

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substance and cause it to protrude through the lacer

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microscopically in a specially constructed apparatus the mesenteric circu

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are a constant temptation to tlieir neighbours. There is

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at maturity which takes place about the fifth year. Mares are

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Instead of this even the name Cool Springs is now almost

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of the column of mercury in fractions of an inch will

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Deprivation. Mix aqneons solutions of corroaive mercnric

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of their blood intestines viscerae and other inedible parts by

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gpry and an unqualifiedperron could therefore irake a

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must by his own exertions break tlie bonds of ignorance and

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Observe. Knuckling of the hind pasterns is a symptom stron ly indic

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but in time the animals lose condition and waste away.

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the chair of midwifery in the University of Edinburgh

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she suddenly had the same swelling of the elbow associated

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of the different forms of the disease are given in detail especial

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ary. Montana. Entire state of forty one counties was under

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of the city as the result of an apportionment made last

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There is always plenty of rain in Belgium. Vegetation has a

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form of laryngeal catarrh or the milder forms of secondary syphilis

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for the medical profession in the anitoba Medical College.

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they would not issue orders for drainage unless an actual

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to value it by certain analytical determinations as is the case with many

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it is evident that he plainly refers to opium. Theo

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from bronchopneumonia. From lobar pneumonia the only method of

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age improves its flavor soft light black or dark colored or musty

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would be more efficient in producing structural changes

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from Cincinnati and other Ohio cities may be expected while the

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Licences to practise physic were tjranted to 122 candidates

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The earliest experimental work upon the subject was that

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self restraint is commendable in the highest degree

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Poor Milk. Slv. Hurd asked on June 21st whether in view