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your sight, and that you may behold truth, as in a clear
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to be used of some form of powder; whilst the latter is
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gas to atmospheric pressure and note the volume occupied, or may
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transposed to the scalp, where it was hidden from view. The moles have
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the pigment appears first at the root end, as might be expected. The
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writing on the table. If he has no instrument in his hand, he does some
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in some modified form at any rate, for a long time. It is rare to find
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electrical stimulation, as well as by general treatment with arsenic
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in the head and neck, tingling, heat or cold, and various pricking
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Eesuming the examination of children said to be mentally dull, it is
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and to relieve the painful tenderness, which is often the patient's chief
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going on around them, may be active factors in determining delusion.
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"hysterical"; next, because, as Dr. Buzzard has shown, disseminate
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plained of, as it destroys mental pleasure and the sense of capacity. Thus
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have seen two cases where psoriasis existed for months on the scrotum
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phery ; forms gas abundantly. Peculiar odour evolved (12).
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age, large crops freshly originating or becoming evident. Such warts are
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nominate. He also points out certain facts which are useful in the
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us. One thing is certain, that in catalepsy induced by Braidism, the con-
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establishment of Linacre's college to the time when Bacon
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a structure so full of harbours as the skin ; and even those who have
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There is as yet no precise indication of the direct cause of the out-
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1. Susceptibility. — As the result of extensive statistics we are ap-
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Changes of clothes, whether of the body or bed, should be carefully
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have notes of a case admitted into St. Bartholomew's Hospital diagnosed
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physician could tell the disease and prescribe medicines by
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vated in distinctness of utterance, in control of voice, and in the use of
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(a) Draw water through the pipette by suction (mouth
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in adult life, and ending in spontaneous recovery after varying periods,
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evidence of his imbecility being of a moral character.
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tional folds produced in fat children or adults, by obvious causes ; and
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and in a quarter of an hour they are wholly different beings. Their
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exhaustion require alcoholic stimulation in order that the failing energies
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95 of the cases occurred in tailors. It is especially prone to occur between
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quotient, deflection sum divided by sensitivity, is the
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only subjective symptom in uncomplicated ringworm is itching, and even
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angio- neurotic oedema exists, with consequent swelling of the part
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of scholarly physicians who, between the close of the seven-
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is soon turned if we inquire whether any of these beliefs
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becomes a criminal in one case and not in another, really resolves itself
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papules or vesicles arranged in groups like those of herpes — the herpeti-
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Papilla? — Melanotic or Epitheliomatous transformation of warts and
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part, and to any extent. The face, neck, scalp, arms, and the upper
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pemphigus is more common, particularly on the extremities ; and the
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