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tion. I would illustrate this by referring to the muscular

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to eight drops once to thrice daily is the only drug

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spread by sporadic cases apart from periods in which it is epidemic.

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an acute highly contagious nature that it did not manifest

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patients are often gloomy and irritable frequently anemic the sub

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lent straining at stool. Children are most subject to this

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Severe purgatives should be avoided. Diarrhea should be treated by

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hole drilled through each piece which was made there to pass a

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ing of these two neuroses hyperchlorhydria and hyperesthesia gastrica

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gates from forty different world nations. The meeting

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should be disinfested simultaneously. If one individual is missed

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when the disease already exists an aggravation of the seizures

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Tuberculosis of the Middle Ear with Report of Case.

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him During his career of less than four seasons Dexter won forty

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points to the left side of the mother and in 73 per

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Operative treatment of m3 opia consists of the removal

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is the very question I wish to answer. In my opinion fai

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tuberculous b Tuberculous pleurisy in which the bloody effusion may

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of hepatic insufficiency with absence of urolnlinuria.

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ures tend sometimes and in some places to increase the number

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The following factors enter into the creation of this per

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doctor by men who wei e among the wildest of a wild

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was not given as a medicine. Antimonial emetics are of course

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writes Sorcerers are supposed to destroy their vic

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attention to the importance of a determiuation of the basal

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all of your love and support. With out your continued belief in me

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worthy records were collated and an average obtained it

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an infection long before bacteriology came to our assistance

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water invariably increases tlie surplus averaging 20.2 per cent.

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vomiting purging and cramps in the hands. Dr. Pritchard tried to make it

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tinued until November loth during this time she was an out

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in 11 of which or life there was a previous history of

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with after the removal of botli ovaries. Even fatal hemorrhage has oc

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The neutral sulphate of an alkaloid obtained from th

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the hemorrhages. The term haematomyelia is reserved for cases in which

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mouth rapidly increased becoming quite free by the next

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on the other hand when heat is applied locally the bodily temperature

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tons k un rapport ultirieur VindieaUon exaete des risnltals da TiUida comparie daa

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At a later stage the amount may be increased. Occasion

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most all the topics put on the skin. Anti pruriginous substances

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other possible acute diseases of the intestine may supervene in

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bility of the all or none law to the normal functioning

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described for calves although the tongue is not so commonly

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is injected into the blood. His experiment consisted es

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as a professional man are probably so fully occupied

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the studies of death rates and the experience of the offices

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the disease run on unchecked to a fatal termination pus ano

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There may be slow degeneration in the lemniscus medialis extending as

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into a description of marrow structure at this point only so far as

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pulmonary tuberculosis in children which he recognized

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glosso pharyngeal whereas on the other hand disease of the root

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containing 2 to 2J drachms of tartar emetic per day or considerable

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if you please brought to bear on common centers for the

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antisepsis should be rigidly observed in these cases.

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umbilicus. This lessened though it did not stop the pulsation in the

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Editorial The willingness of the physician and pharmacist to

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At all events that gentleman that pleasant College Fellow

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the pocket case as a general and efficient analgesic.

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the malarial symptoms are simply imposed upon those of

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mdividual whose resistance that entity was overwhelming

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specific bacterium but can probably be excited by several

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colourless regular rhomboidal prisms terminated by four trape

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under sensitive rather than the contrary absolutely

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consequences. The itching and smarting prevents sleep and may result

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He did not attend Sir Everard s funeral or that of Sir

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obstruction of the prostate so that for some time the urine had

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every man nor is it sufficient for all to hold the common level.

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was removed from a patient aged G2 who suffered from this disease. The

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ance of Echeverria s work published over 33 years ago and

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When an examination is made within a few days after delivery

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ered by warts which do not possess any definite necks their horny

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Clark William L. Philadelphia The Introduction of Drugs into

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which was quite tenacious and was removed with difficulty. The gross ap

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appeared just under the skin at the lower angle of the

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the Federal Board for Vocational Education. The re

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tive inflammation and quite as likely as not suppurating cavities will

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