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aside its very beneficial action when used as a mouth
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in the stools. Temperature is usually subnormal at times there may be
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or an abscess burst. The freed uterus must be left in
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secondary to the dropsical effusion. In that disease
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way change of position or dilatation of the heart can be made
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administration to those patients who have more or less recently
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The nurse by some stupid error gave one of the sublimate
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an essential prodromic phenomenon of morbillous fever. The achryma
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the parietes of the chest and under the second head
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of the cricoid cartilage and becomes blended with the
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find considerable difficulty in locating the part. While in the
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physical examination including that of the lungs bones and joints
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desperation she considered the request to be trans
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Much bleeding from gums skin dry intensely jaundiced relaxed emaciated.
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anatomical diagnosis may be probably is but partially correct.
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loidiue and paraffine are used for embedding. A mixture
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dilatation of the vaginal orifice and the use of Sims vaginal
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come in contact pads may be applied on each side to keep
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Treatment. Remove the exciting causes mentioned above in the
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Obstetrics will be the standard book in English literature.
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sion he was president of his class. His bright mind and
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Sec.. Patients should prefer a physician whose habits of life are regular
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A Courageous Mother. In his recent eloge on Trousseau M.
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in human eases of poliomyelitis supports the view thai epidemic
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Many of them presented the usual appearance of cancer cells others however were
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To obtain the prompt action of the remedy it is absolutely
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acute stent thrombosis. In addition there were no deaths
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gradually becoming milder and that symptoms which were for
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die while respect for and confidence in others are engendered
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surround the intercellular spaces in which the extravasated
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terms what the world has always Ix licved in tlic matter.
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slip stained by Gram s method showed the characteristic fungi. Culture
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itself to my mind whether or not a mild form of conges
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centers and increases the susceptibility to the morbid
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cial statements in the past that with our present membership and mailing
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tion. In point of fact what Dr. Rush states is not merely that
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A serviceable antiseptic dressing is made by soaking
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of. Dr. Johnston was one of the oldest practitioners in the
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dealer in surgical instruments and the boy had worn
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harm would certainly be done. He had often thought of punc
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periodical overhauling of the sites treated. My hospital
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ed in vinegar and the mouth rinsed with it. The hot va
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flutter also Lewis and Ritchie recommend digitalis
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the requirements of physical and still more of mental
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tion weighing pounds at six months. The claim has been made
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central districts as well as outlying ones by means of the elec
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and points out that the decline of the tuberculosis death rate