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one-half of each. He referred to the insolubility of
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showed the same relation between the coefficient and the degree of
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very narrow, and may easily escape detection. While commonly met
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head. It is usually firmly adherent to the adjacent organs, tissues,
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syrups of the hypophosphites or glycero phosphates. When
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necessity of abstaining from interference. To him, the gouty subject
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immediate vicinity of this post, it is surprising that diseases of malarial
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dsrael ' Israel ') ; in Tigre — beings (not demons !) encountered in rivers,
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certain forms of pneumonia, and influenza under its many
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a congenitally deaf child with more hearing than a child who has lost his
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General Hartmann's Cavalry Division in the War of 1866
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A most perfect and convenient apparatus, the invention of Dr. KIDDER. We also manufac-
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A curious fact which may explain the comparative immunity of the
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ciency. By Leartus Connor, A.B., M.D. Paper; square
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studies were entered upon faithfully, but without en-
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T unjustly classed with other theories that have been advanced
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ment of certain forms of disease, in their character and
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branches of the same race, thus, the Celt is more susceptible than the Teuton.
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succeeded, a most pregnant idea in the light of our present knowledge
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daal r^ioc^ be£)re I saw him. Late in 1816 he sent
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1813 a.— Chique <Dict. d. sc. med., Par., v. 5, pp. 60-61. [W m .]
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orrhage, the importance of this does not seem great. Against the use of
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The prompt application of disinfecting substances to the
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Type II house. This occurred 16 days after the patient had left
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physician who had found him liable to intermittent " gouty " glycosuria.
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able contrast to the tumultuous action of the heart ; the loins are
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of the virus is occasionally demonstrated by the appearance of a cutaneous
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Klein, C. H. von. A proposition to translate and publish the med-
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had caused his temperature to return to normal. Roent-
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The staff is then to be gently withdrawn, until the button-point appears
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substituted for the carbonate, in some lead-works at Paris,
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Hospital. M.D. 1952, Budapest University (Hungary).
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to Sauvages, found the viscera of the chest and belly, in some r*ases
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regulated and corrected. Likewise the quality of the blood;
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of the medical sciences. For a period exceeding thirty
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malleoli both in place, and these were brought up and united to the bone at