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tisme oeiilaire. I'nion nied.. Par.. 1884, 3. s., sxxvii, 081-

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abdomen was not specially protuberant. In this case twenty

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cept by perspiration. About an hour after the second course, she fell

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not, therefore, think it possible, in the present state of our

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Later Note. — On January 25, I was sent for because

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cific poison." " The poison is also generated de novo by over-

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1.7 1 milligramme; m another, 1.96 milligramme; and

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Cheatham has written, that they might recognize the importance of

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seizure ; — (g.) That the modifications of croup may be referred to

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sented by the sections he has made, that criticism is out of the

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tiplicity of vivid detail. They are closer, as these

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The Preface of Dioscorides' Materia Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary

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and which by all authors is called varicella (among these

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of intra-cranial tumors, and the manner in which they are to

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ease. While wide-sweeping knife operations may be curative

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cases of typhoid fever with a rapid heart action and failing

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Recovered. Mr. U. had, however, been complaining of feeling

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rator Foramen in an Infant.— Dr. Lange also presented a

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to-day cases of abnormal rhythm but the prognosis is not necessarily

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ball net, and a cemetary to jog in. To live any cheaper

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Two other facts may be^ mentioned here, in addition

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changes to take place in the aneurism. In this case the com-

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Heat Test. In performing the heat test for coagulable protein (p.

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serum similar to that of Paquin for three years. He reports twenty cases

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Dr J. S. Mossgrove. General subject of meeting, The Artificial Feeding

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