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married is subject to epistaxis Case H. The patient s first wife

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structures are larger and better defined than in the smaller species.

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our country with the great events of Colonial and Revolutionary history.

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In all of the 30 cases of typhus fever placed at our

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examined for the tubercle bacilli and inoculating experiments made.

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It will be observed that rejection from ophthalmological defects

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tiHunl. It is important not to mistake frequency of micturition for polyuria

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free hydrochloric acid at various stages of gastric digestion.

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speak therefore of the internal secretion in these glands

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desire to call attention to the propriety and necessity of providing a

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of hydriodate of potash in five grain doses gradually increased to ten grains

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cussed elsewhere. Since however the anatomical changes produced by lethal

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systemic medication is combating the cause of his condition.

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at whicli their instruction is given. This list is arranged

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occur but the disease is serious when it occurs in chil

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from 6 to 12 hours after the Initial sporulation and remains

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usually found in works on anatomy. The simplest of them all in

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Mr. Cattlin reviewed at some length the existing Medical Act and

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of the patches which are sometimes circular as in the circinated form.

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influence during the embryonic or formative period and they

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Recent graduates of the department have received appointments as

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affected them from the following passage in the Neiu

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Rokitansky and by Lebert. The latter based the etiology at least in

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nourishment to the exhausted brain. Sulfonal in pow lt ler of five

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this occurs the bile that accumulates in the bladder

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venereal disease. Syphilitics were not counted as the disease in them was

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ease in the progenitors the greater the chances of infec

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The case was kept under pretty close observation in order

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fibrosis especially in early life and they state that the great preponder

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sets forth the following points of advantage of this

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seems almost impossible that such results as are re

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question that first suggests itself to us is When is the ovum

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sputum is mixed with an equal quantity of caustic soda of the strength

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gyans and that Myzomyia mangyana Banks was described in

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ated structure or occasions the entire disappearance of this structure.

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into cylindrical molds about an inch in diameter forms the Boll Sulphur

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Prognosis and treatment The prognosis is not very favor

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are now somewhat more accentuated than they were in former

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cities and the wives of loyal Yalensian graduates the

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child and the actual father has to share his paternity with

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patient was feeling better and if the answer was in the negative

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ance occurred without any other explanation than considerable pneumatosis

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part of the nucleus ambiguous on the left side from which the left

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however the diagnosis can be made during life. The affection may be

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and lustreless. The pathology of the late forms of alo

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was found. An exploratory incision was made over the latter and the