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In form and appearance these excoriations resembled the scratches of a nail at

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They therefore cause many diseases which differ clinically.

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from the eggs deposited there by the ovipositor of the female Bot

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her operation with courage and without dread. All these

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lands upon the cough region and sets up a jiowerful irritation of the

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that the disease was aborted. We have already stated that there

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the loins has caused it while irritating medicines such as oil of

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by means of the cautery and although it was possible to roll

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Nine cases of diphtheria were admitted to hospital and

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the figures descriptive and the originality in almost

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of the corresponding kidney while the sign was an important

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After this the patient seemed to improve slowly if at all in

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of them would cause both to open widely in which state they

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that disease could not be cured nor youth renewed by injecting the

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the changes in the leucocytes are of aid in diagnosis and prog

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fhrce to thirty live years of at e. It is however not

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improved from April st the disease was completely conquered.

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not remember about an acute onset but sometimes at night he

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as to the correctness of the diagnosis of endocarditis. This occurs but

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Houlgate Villers sur Mer Trouville Deauville fitretat Fecamp Dieppe

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said to present symptoms of the disease during the louping ill

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rician and gyntecologist asasafe guide to practice.

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amples of cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation which we meet with

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constituents. If complement activity is enzymotic in character we

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pain or other aggravation of cardiovascular disease

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tion was merely academic. It did little to equip the

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rise to various conjectures in regard to the causes of the pa

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resisted a host of remedies cured by it is recorded by

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mention these two is the great amount of destruction.

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abstractedly ever produced that effect. In England where

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tially dilated after the most energetic action of the

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theory of pneumonia had been postulated calomel was a favorite

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years used a mixture of two parts of ether and one of chloroform

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malarial organism is known that of yellow fever is not. Malaria can

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Dose. Of the powder one drachm of the tincture one fluid

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