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spectrum of an acid solution of haematin. Haematin in alkaline

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makes it a valuable drug in bronchial asthma. Unfor

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water supply the water furnished beino accord in o tothi post suryoon

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Europe. That letter was not slow in finding the little

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enlisted men of the United States Army served in the following

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or fat. Weak tea dried toast and f arinacious food will generally

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closed during inclement weather by pulling a canvas hood around

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taste slightly astringent and soluble in water in the propor

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fibers rather than to the latter. If therefore as Gowers main

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above the fistula sufficient to admit two fingers the

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immediate cause of which was unknown the insanity dis

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hours. I believe if surgeons doctors and the laity would learn to impress

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and the Medical Department of the Navy respectively.

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sounds. A familiar example is to shut the external auditory canal by

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tion between chlorosis and Graves disease. Chvostek gives 7 cases

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mation of the cardiac muscle when a penetrating wound is produced

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instructed as rapidlj as possible in the procedure and strips of glass

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agreement with the careful work of Grattan Harvey and Wood on

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from sections of larvae preserved in stages corresponding to

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If the cell growth bo not of niffident toIuwo seriouAl to ooanpfcn

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oldest medical academy in America the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

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swellings temporarily to recede and can for a time ameliorate the

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My experience does not agree with that of Marson. In

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backache frequent urination acid urine abundant mucus lithic acid

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spasms returned with violence and the jaw which had

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Jesty and her sons were often exposed to small pox without

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The author concluded his paper with some excellent observations on

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tuberculous ulceration are of any service yet lactic acid in some cases

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the infected corpuscles are erythroblasts. These hiematids are also

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peritonitis forms a mass which lies transversely across the upper portion

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similar accident bj mere chance. In all these cases death

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Furthermore a definite distinction should be made between

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Rheumatism lays down seven rules for its successful adminis

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on watching the evacuations one or more worms may generally be

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iiifimis acroscopicis fere ad costam pinnatis aliis loviter vel baud incisis

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SIMON DR. MAX Euklid und die sechs Planimetrischen Bucher. Leipzig

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general symptoms associated with the presence of worms are

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The cause of the symptoms is apparently infection of

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a day from which they procure a watery extract to smoke with

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of a somewhat different composition but he believed

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PROPERTIES. Sesquichloride of gold is in the form of needle

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A Practical Manual of Insanity. For the Medical Stu

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gynecologists Military experience and a knowledge of

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such as Lassar s equal parts of zinc oxide starch lanolin and

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ing that any remaining cortical matter or membrane may bo

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In retro ocular neuritis the pathological changes doubtless vary greatly accord

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and scarlatina having proved both prevalent and fatal in many instances 80

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A note from Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley expressing his regret at being

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rents of high voltage was followed by the most satis

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air through the nostrils so that the patients become mouth lireathers.

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salts in the blood and exert any action upon the heart.

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well. Place the bottle in a pan or kettle of hot water

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Whether this person articulated words or not I do not

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Presidential address before the fifty second annual meeting of

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within recent j ears about labyrinthine inflammations our

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columnar cells. The cervix was blocked with fibrou s

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Temporo splienoidal abscess is so frequent a result of ear

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and often results in death. The blood contains glucose

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that she had visited an abortionist in the preceding

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sibility rests with him for the welfare of the child in his determining

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of San I Vancisco chairman in his address points out the

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aged 16 suffering from malignant tertian. All other causes of orchitis such

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time the pupils dilated but the general condition remained the

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even the eighth month of pregnancy present corpora lutea as

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tlie body and death not infrequently results from this

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there may be expected metastases direct invasion of neighboring

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five months pregnancy. Physical examination revealed

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youthful phase of the life of Servetus. He would not admit

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seized and extracted but to chisel boldly into the thick

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In all cases of accident the inhalation should be at

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Examination of the Board two years after having passed the said Examination

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rungen und die Sklerose in Kaninchenkarotiden welche man eine

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to women as ten to one Lebert in thirty nine cases

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trary asymmetry may almost be considered a characteristic feature.

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The physician of to day and the physician of a century

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riven to tropical diseases and some important changes

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like the preceding and by virtue of the ammonium it is a diffusible

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thousands from ending their days in psychopathic institu

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in doses of a drachm 3.89 grammes is not powerful enongh to

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of development when the fungus grows old or dries up.

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satisfactory than the results from the use of dead germs

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nature and mode of action of the chemical bacterial products concerned