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original ideas. Particularly Worthy of note is the theory

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largement of the pupils of the eye and staggering of the cow. Some

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rapid breathing chest pain and rusty sputum showed that

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ical Ophthalmological Otological Laryngological Neuro

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Thalassochelys corticata 1892a 568 1893a 916 1899b 715 721 722 723

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ness is proportionately restricted. The subconscious thoughts

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hension of the Symbols of Expression. Apraxia and Aphasia.

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The fever index and the respiratory index are both high the

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few mononuclear cells 1.5 per cent albumin. Urine and blood findings essen

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lation to Clinical Medicine Dr. John F. Anderson Acute

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being caused by the serum that early injection of the

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association with tonsillitis is itself suggestive of au acute

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it comes on slowly and when once developed is permanent.

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identity of these phenomena to those obtained by Villari by

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It will be convenient to subdivide the causes of the poisoning aoder

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