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more reasonable than that his surgeons and physicians should have been

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Representative Meeting at Newcastle. It was left with

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a while and then she can put on proper appliances. These appliances will

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salts a rich red colour. This red solution if warmed and allowed

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aborigines. Admitted he is correct. Inquiry elicits

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the abdomen is contra indicated as it stimulates uterine

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entirely disintegrated from the eighth lumbar vertebra to the filum termi

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Honorable just compromise should be encouraged whenever

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net he had successfully removed a large piece of iron that could

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glucose alternates with uric acid. I believe that many cases of tem

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inoculated organisms have disappeared or at least been reduced

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were placed in different situations. Freshly emerged flies in numbera

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found in it. The poisonous empyreumatic oil is obtained by destructive

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admit the tips of four fingers. There was cirrhotic disease of both

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carried on a stick along paths which the flies frequent is advised

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On April 2oLh at St. Thomas s Hospital we had the opportunity of

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President W. Edwin Miller Whiteville Emory Univ. 1929 1934 1935

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some disorder of gastric secretion. Sub or anacidity was the rule being

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In other cases urethrotomy is performed opposite the point where

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Dr. Barker I do not think it is surprising that an extrameduUary

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recognized as smallpox of severe type. After but a few days illness

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ammonium hydroxid. To others no ammonium hydroxid was added.

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ing sulphur such as prescribed in acne may be applied. The following

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epicondyles. The medial epicondyle is more salient and the lateral

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of foreigners has undergone a great revolution during the half cen

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reason amongst others the disease is held by some to be of maternal

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That this interesting disease is due to the invasion

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in contradistinction to the reactionary rubor that may be induced

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one believe Hippocrates rather than Herophilus and why prefer nim to Ascle

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Frontal headache and staggering five days before admission vertigo vomiting

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layer of the pulp which is the formative agent in normal

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tracheo bronchial pulverization. Bourgeois has used for

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tients to those who are not expert in the use of the

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formative period of Christianity and to the sources for the life and

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your lordship allow me to explain that I am instructed ou

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determining the different melting points of fats a test

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health is improved purgative medicines will always give

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In exhaustion strychnin hypodermically in full doses from

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The Committee on Resolutions submitted the following

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in the excreta is greater than can be accounted for by the amount

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course that there are no unfavourable economic conditions

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effort at investigating the surgery of this organ has been

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emotional element is prominent and there is but slight control over the

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To prevent the examination of the ej es impostors sometimes

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Observations on the question of metabolism were made by frequently

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III the rise in systolic pressure was from 50 to 100 mm.

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Pediculosis pubis may be mistaken for pruritus or eczema but an exami

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SYMPTOMS. Arterio sclerosis may be extensive as stated and show

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Harvey W. F. Estimation of erythrocyte and haemoglobin content of

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tion of the kidneys and in this connection to examine carefully

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word since I have had rather an extensive experience

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The beneficial remedies are those that aid in diges

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the attack. The excretion of iron is increased in the h mozoin and

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Skin actinomycosis due to the actinomyces or ray fungus is chararter gt

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and often results in death. The blood contains glucose

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muscular power lu the right arm tenderness of many nerves

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quantity would be jirecipitated. Our works on toxi