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Carbolized olive oil 5 per cent carbolic acid suffi

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jiotency. It is usually the mysterious make up of these compounds

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the foreign body syncytia developed round the agar mass which had been

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case ascites and icterus existed but not in the other.

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of it for our own profit. The movement for a higher standard

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the winter months telephone connections through a local switchboard provided

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relatively hence the advantage of supplying more oxygen.

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If the patient suffers from iliac or hypogastric pain

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veyed by the ureters to the bladder. At any rate this

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cardiac failure is much more likely to occur than in the absence

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sels and by bringing the sides of the wound together when

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Faculty Gold Medal as top scholar in the class. After

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It dilates peripheral vessels and equalizes the circulation..

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in the brain causing coma or paralvsis in the ancreas causing

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maximum intensity at the base of the heart. Arterial murmurs are heard

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causes. The disease is also very prevalent among the

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A crystalline principle has been discovered in squill by Landerer

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This color appears in contrast with the color of other

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rule may be uninformed. A five grain Antikamnia Tablet

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persons. These have lost whatever intellect and mental

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without iridectomy he has about 4 per cent of prolapse of iris.

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General plan of the Systemic Pulmonary and Portal circulations.

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teachers institutes and various clUbs. Professor Gray is chairman of a

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agement thus afforded him in habits of close and accurate ob

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cholesterine precipitates on cooling in the form of white scales. It is by

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greater tension of the vessel and may be heard more plainly

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adding the vanilla and transferring to the freezing

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importance. The urinary secretion must be carefully watched both as to

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may be difficulty in distinguishing the condition from multiple neuritis.

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sleep is not obtainable is to be recommended. All violent phys

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Dr. Wiley considers mixtures of animal fats and vege

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resulting from the impaired blood flow. A slow circula

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College of Medicine recognize in the death of Prof. John A. Larrabee that

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thing applies to all forms of candles made of char

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paper in which he emphasized the value of the opera

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commence professional study after the issue of these regulations will be

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structive to the staphylococcus aureus than normal human serum. Other

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the edge of Shirley Heath on the road to Birmingham. As late

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voluntary hospital who is not a necessitous person should

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Tuberculosis of the Uriuary System in Women. Report of Thirty

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bile in transit its contents should not vary materially in com

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Vice deserves its name no less when it is carried out under

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and place them in a pan with very little water and but

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associated with extensive membranous inflammation of the bladder.

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Professor of Physiology in the Johns Hopkins University.

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hood to the stem sentence of the judge from the inspiring music

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and coincidentally of the uterus so that the foetal membranes are

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Chlorazene Cream Chlorazene Surgical Powder Chlora

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Copenhagen constructed on the plan of the arc light in

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IX. The division of laboratories and infectious diseases 137

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cial diseases for the reception of urgent cases and for the purposes of

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vations in a case of complete anemia and has availed

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cial in amenorrhea dysmenorrhea and other uterine diseases likewise

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work and the best mode of employing them must seek for

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