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pensary for lupoid ulceration since May 30th 1880. On the morning

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ease I saw recently with Dr. Francis Williams of Boston

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In speaking of dry fibrous food and lack of water as factors

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was given a dose of bromide of sodium before I left

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acres of most valuable land is located between St. Paul and Minneapolis

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reflecting seriously on the management of the property

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improvement resulted. The various forms of radio therapy have

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which are easily recognized by the caudal appendage.

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a proof of the cause of death from this cause there are several

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applied either in the form of a powder or in coDnection with meathol

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of alcoholic intoxication. A man so affected is said to be dead

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motor psychomotor neurons thus preventing the impulse

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oughly and the results amply justified this radical departure from established custom. The

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Bollinger 1874 and more recently by jMorot 1884 Uffredizzi 1884

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cases occured in rheumatic patients. The author was of the

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long as eighteen and twenty one days. This latter fact

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The success of Dr. Rush as a physician in his native city appears

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free chlorure libre. The first phase gives rise to retention of

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The improper feeding of children which prevails in the densely packed

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spleen remained enlarged and 2 more attacks of ascites

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with arrogance if I assert that the best examples of technical

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