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of digitalis cause alarming symptoms in a young woman who was pregnant.

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be a relation between abscess of the right hemisphere and pneumonia.

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with iron and carbonic acid but they are not much used.

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etc. It is also possible that insects may be carriers of the

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affected parts after some minutes or hours take on a violet tint more

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During the year 1911 99 cases of measles and 107 of mumps

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ments. Our antiseptic metliods have had no influence

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My patient is quite settled on this point. Moreover he is

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chlorides the traditional use of ammonium chloride and Quimby s

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istent alike causeless and cureless but there are plenty of persons

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epidermic plates separated from each other by narrow fissures or deep and

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eral condition improved. Chiefiy for this reason I yielded to his urgent

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of time and moreover because of the prejudices of the patients

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ment in Bombay predicts a deficiency of rain in Bombay presi

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as an egg which gradually grows red and inflamed. Sometimes

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By repeated moderate traction on the extremity of the glans the

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perception of positive pricking sensations from the skin. Sen

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free verse rendering of the immortal tale concerning the House

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Sometimes the surface of the mucous membrane exhibits