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medicine the dyspnoea disappeared the oedema subsided and the albumin

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vessels in pulp canal showing capillaries on the surface.

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pressure existing on the general vascular system immediately acts and

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June but Mrs. Asling an apparently independent and creditable wit

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Another objection has been sometimes made to the long beak the

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has been stated with regard to hemiatrophy. In the recorded cases the

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CHAIRMAN DR. LELAND O. HOWARD Department of Agriculture Washington

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Tonic contraction existed in some cases and was absent in others thus

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lateral in other cases bilateral. The region supplied

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down here any general rule on the subject. In the fever whia

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form very much of the waste matter of the system to the

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is due to inhibition of the pupillary contracting fibres or to stimu

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contending that false meant fraudulent and the other that it only

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frequently in the early morning owing to the accumulation of secretion

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treatment as would any other similar surgical condition.

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The genito urinary ridge like the rest of the walls of

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as having difficulty in keeping up with their grade in one or

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is therefore in practice restricted to Politzer s method with its modifica

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What Winckelmann did for the criticism of art during the period of

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tion between chlorosis and Graves disease. Chvostek gives 7 cases

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the lateral olfactory lamellae in the olfactory cup the mesial glo

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headaches recurring at intervals for a number of years past and

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part controlled by the ligature was not more than an

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of his case the treatment has been tested all over the world

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ease. Warmth to the feet and aperients were prescribed

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monly involves both the cord and its coverings that the term

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rence and died within the second year. No other causes of death

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fits beginning unilaterally with double optic neuritis. She had atrophy

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at college but not to examine foreign or other graduates they

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original ideas. Particularly Worthy of note is the theory

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said that the tendency of the latter was to democratise science and thus

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they are excluded from the calculation of the totals. The pro

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progress which the disease has made before it receives the

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may result in thickening in abscess or in fistula. All

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Chrysomyia bezziana Villeneuve. As I have already pointed out

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to place it on a sustainable basis. Management concurred in this

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in contradistinction to the reactionary rubor that may be induced

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pressing upon something hard through an intermediate soft

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the English view as to the uselessness of quarantme.

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those of the upper arm react normally to faradism. The gal

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applied in all infectious diseases and that it is not objection

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tion below the jufiction of the lacteals with the receptaculum chyli but

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formed stone in the urinary bladder calls for surgi

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then a prolonged convalescence. This history helps to

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their slaves in building fortifications shall we not invite them to our

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showing that there was almost a total absence of the younger cells

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pendulum s vibrations which led him to the converse proposition

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since there the conditions for pressure are most favourable.

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Now all these conditions are not limited to early life but their

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report of the Radium Institute for 1913 he describes tho

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The same occurs to the magnesia phosphatic salt these basic compounds

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mother died as a result of burns. One sister was still

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doubtful. In this patient the hemoglobin was unusually high and the

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think diminishes the secretion from the lungs and helps to reduce

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been relieved and proceeding at once to eiamlne the state of the prostate

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motor phenomena occur when progressive muscular atrophy is aaeo

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here occur from various pathological processes is certainly very

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Lieut. Colonel James William Evans Madras Medical Service

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expert testimony and stated that the following sugges

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quent. At last the evacuations consist of a watery fluid with some

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use in cases attended by pain and dysphagia. Morphia may also be used

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was injected. Excluding this factor it is probable that the

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loaned to students on the principle of the circulating library.

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through its perversions the dissociations underlying abnormal

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British army in the Crimea was diminished one half through

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contained tubercle bacilli and my attention was naturally directed

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the parietal and occipital lobes the ventricles especially the comaa

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At the autojisy all the abdominal and thoracic viscera were found

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that this law no longer corresponds to the standard required

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cated not only by immediate communication with the sick but the

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that 93 measures effect the neutralization that is that 93 measures