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sion of that institution on Wednesday September 17th his

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tissues innervated by the posterior primary divisions

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Spasm. By spasm is meant excessive muscular contraction and in

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mals affected may recover such a method must be considered as

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and giving to all the body processes those phenomena which constitute

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Offlct of Nanagtatnt and Budgtt Circular A 76. An A

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On withdrawing the cutting instrument a steady volume of gaa

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As a sire of trotters he ranks with Hambletonian and Mambrino

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portable and consequently she was obhged to give up all society for several

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of entering venules in the intestinal wall or as a result of entering

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It has been my good fortune to see and study a large

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are before the profession with increasing significance.

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may be added such as the preparation known as ehloretone inhalant.

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a percentage as 15 1 to 18. Seifert concludes that bovine tuberculosis is

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But with regard to using the flesh of animals which have been affected

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similar instrument which can dig out tin tonsil be

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study of cross sections it is often difficult to distinguish be

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Transient numbness in both hands with slight permanent diminution o

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perfect cosmetic result. Heart and lung action was normal. The

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and ether followed with copious irrigation with a stream of hot

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will be of special interest now that the warm weather is

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ened in the consideration of the medico legal rela

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Sonat Kainchundipore Gardpuda and Kantipore each within fifteen

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the latter. The cutaneous reflexes were on the whole increased and there

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thickness of the jaw itself and however carefully manipulated injures

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petition was referred brought in their report Where

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in children it is more rapid in infants 110 or 120. A

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is no legal definition of obstetrics and it would be ex

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is therefore an indispensable condition of all movement whether

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tion cbangeB from the labored respiration of bronchitis to the rapid fml

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involves a microscoincal demonstration of expectorated tumor elements.

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ars the proper tissue destroyers in tuberculosis. With the

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is proud to have it so. I am pleased both personally and

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If the patient is comatose or if the cyanosis is very

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phosphate and carbonate of lime magnesia and mucus which occasionally

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proof that the diaphragm was perforated and some injury

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common cold or catarrh yet it is well known that horses art

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motor psychomotor neurons thus preventing the impulse

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make a complete physical examination of every registrant. Upon the

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time Eometitnes gives rise to a caubectlc condition Tvbicli he. rma

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Thb PBssmnrr I received a paper and a letter from Dr.

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failing to carry with it the centrosome the next division leaves it

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at which they are divided and in three out of the four

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spirit of the English language in fact many of our dif

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before the results can be accepted they must be confirmed

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We investigated report of outbreak foot and mouth disease

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and diphtheria and that as the seat of the localisation in typhoid is

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tion along with exaggerated irritability excitability impressibility or

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range. The prophylactic measures mentioned include the isolation

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states that the operation was a perfectly painless one and that

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of the extremities. Any statement from such a careful observer

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days after birth. The food of the dam just previous to delivery not

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and would he in view of the admitted irregularity of such pro

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these cases in the same way that Ochsner has advised in treat

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the disease was of Ions continuance or had been improperly treated. It was

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to meet any emergency that might arise just the same as when erfjot

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due to Bacillus typhosus. Of the 135 cases pneumonia was the

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nutritious increasing the weight and may be used hypodermic

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women affected with heart disease. The number of these dis

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paper it will be explained how this abduction is maintained durino

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amongst his brethren. He had quarrelled with the mighty Cullen

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lifetime. Thus the plant could be operated until at least 2004.

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persistence of the carrier condition. It may be added that more than

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necessity for being similarly careful. Most men have

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tip is the rule early in all severe tympanic inflammations its later

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greatly improved by correcting the ametropia re instating the mus

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illness as well as wounds. There were pleut of willing

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providing cold storage in transit for them we think it probable

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ettect was produced by sarcoma. It was common where there was

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two portions of the levator ani thus exposed carefully