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What little has been done concernino; congenital umbilical hernia
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misrepresented by Sprengel and others. His appearance in
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. On enteric fever. Australa.s. M. Gaz., Sydney, 1890-91, x,
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to this pioneer of radiology would be the foundation of an institute to
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but the author found out J^n instrument for that purpose, which
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teric ferer. Glasgo-vv M.'J., 1896, xlv, 401-406. — Allrn.
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trephined him, and he got well, and we kept it up, and we saved
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all efforts to identify tiie origin of the poison of this
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Thb Organization of National ahd Local Forces in thb
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the existence of this disease, is hardly touched upon in
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thigh. Temporary relief was thus obtained, but during two
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liam H. Carmalt, New Haven County ; Dr. Patrick J. Cassidy,
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only a moiety of the whole amount of blood is sent to the lungs and exposed
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positions by reason of passing successfully a competitive ex-
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been d<Mie thousands of times. I myself abandoned the use of it. X use only
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those of nephritis or of arteriosclerosis, though we
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selhoeft says : " It is a continuation of slander and defamation begun by Hering
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waited weeks and may be months to give our patient the same
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The total deaths were 24,463, of which phthisis accounted for
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solidification occupies two, three, or four days, and in some cases it occu-
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of the difficulty sometimes in determining definitely licensed in any State or Territory who are medical
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some of the physicians being confident that plague existed,
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they commemorate hy ao annual festival. In honour of him, a
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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department
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protecting the health of babies. He is organizing a corps of