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place in the pars thoracalis there will in general be

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cells by the tumour points to a similarity in growth between the tumour

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in the axilla pulse 73. A sphygmographic tracing of the pulse is

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The statistics of Osier are somewhat misleading unless properly interpreted.

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interest in the conclusions of a communication made by Prof.

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Clinical reviews of the subject are given by Long of Randle

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Snow and ice are very rare but there is considerable rain. The annual

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In a considerable proportion of the patients who present themselves

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pensaries arc not available the cost of X ray and la

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it is evident that he plainly refers to opium. Theo

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located about the chin. These sores presented the typical aspects

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Black attaches immense importance to genital irrita

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Now if we contrast these with the symptoms and post mortem

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elixir of vitriolj and to take frequently a glafs of

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plating going to northwestern Texas or farther south into New Mexico

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of the associations bound up with them the concrete phenomenon

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under the action of a predisposing cause such as general

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to a new sphere of activity. A brilliant student of Edinburgh

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The etiological relationship of arsenic to the lesions met with in

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rosary in the midst of a striped basal tissue which is explained

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plaint of any pain or soreness to indicate that the abscess was

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The Index Medicus. We desire to call attention to the

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tried to create a special protection against compres

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Headache was general and first felt at the back of the

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report upon the medical department of the Bntish Army 1894

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injury with central scotoma amblyopia etc. in Japanese medical students

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this matter by considerations of the expediency of the Bill. But I would

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end thus enabling two drums to be revolved at differ

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sulphate may be substituted for the j relieved proves especiallv

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peritonitis. The tangled portion could be isolated and was

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it does not repeat after ingestion. Being soluble it

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Did Dr. Evans test this patient s blood serum with reference

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provided there is no constitutional derangements which can be attributed

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ble parasites are contained in two classes the Protophyte or Schi

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little hot his pulse was sometimes between ninety and a bu

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cause necrosis of the tissues by decreasing the distance of the

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Another important form of pulmonary condensation is due to

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ing in proportion to the necessity. In this case we

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What are our best and most reliable guides in establish

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dressings and apparatus to designate the medicines and preparations

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Mr. Meredith expressed his substantial agreement with all

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over is seldom lobar but usually bronchopneumonic in its distribution

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in non development and removal after puberty in atrophy. Also if

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ditions in Serbia would be of special interest to your

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maneuver produces may be accurately mucosa to the skin level. Daily irri

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compression himself for two or three hours this period will sometimes

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That was merely a qualification entitling them to be on

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or standing in a draft while warm after drivuig. It is generally

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two ounces in the twenty four hours preceding his admission.

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tion but nausea and vomiting are of greater importance and

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as the warmth of the sun passes through glass but while this

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ends could not be left long for their subsequent removal. As a result

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decomposition is accompanied by heat much force is expended. Over

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Whether this person articulated words or not I do not

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love with a nobleman s daughter. The nobleman told him that he would

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of the contraction ring while the stretched walls of the

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hemorrhage going on it is the duty of the surgeon to reopen

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cipitations indirectly by means of the alterations they induce in the

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securely imbedded in the floor and extending along and about 4 fed

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paralysis of the pharyngeal muscles also the cheeks

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thing gt vji h arifc from hcAce hould grieve anj

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Hunt Edmund Henderson Secunderabad India I June 11 1903

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chemical composition as described at page 9. They are

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with the exception of Smith also found that alcohol in small doses

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most important not the treatment. The attention should be

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cases. The epithelium is usually intact. More or less coffee ground

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minimum which is probably the amount necessary for the recon

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chiefly at Hampstead at this time. Before the last scene his more