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of thorium through the right catheter, showed that the fluid did
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length of time, we are justified in curtailing the carbohydrate supply so as
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saved I " The words cut me to the heart, for a glance at the situa-
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Chables Judson Hebbick, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology, University of Chicago.
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it is recalled that universities were larger — i. e., bet-
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precipitate subside, pour off the liquor, and wash the
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The vague term " telluric influence " constituted a
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Chemical Laboratory, in the analysis of the urine and
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shall contain a description sufficient for identification at the office of the
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The delay in the Labor was perfectly accounted for by
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vulsivus), then death may ensue from exhaustion. This last condition — " status
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The right is reserved to reject material submitted for editorial or advertising columns. The
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clue to its initial morbid state. Two views are held with regard to its
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Emetic, cathartic, and used in gout. Dose: 10 drops,
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stone is exceedingly rare, constituting not quite four
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how troublesome they were, and that in a certain number it was
rapidly spread among the men of each unit. Six weeks later
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of absence for thirty days on account of sickness. August 2,
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*' A growth of cells, with small, shining nuclei, accompanying the
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glass barrel of the syringe, but as no pus came the
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tendency to multiple haemorrhage, spontaneous or traumatic,
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cuit " was two hundred miles long and twenty broad, made in four
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The co-existence of pregnancy with ovarian cyst, though unusual,
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sciousness is suspended, organic sympathies, which before were
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The American Congress on Tuberculosis, for the prevention
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ance. He divides his book into three parts; the first
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he found a woman, aged 53, in a small hut, full of people, lying
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If this statement be correct and I quite believe it to be so the
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the cheapness of foods should be eagerly welcomed, and
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tissue chosen for the site of vaccination be skin, mucous membrane, or cornea.
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siege were showing themselves plainly on the population,
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accompanied by hoarseness. Temperature, when first taken, was 104°.
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in different localities, according to the structure and composition
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saries incorporated independently of any other institu-
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population for which the standard death rate is being computed.
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was placed against the stricture and with a current of
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cicatrix it was said to be quite enough to cut through the
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tion with investigations to be published later, it was found necessary
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A-radiation is recommended after operation to preclude a