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of the sphincter yielding later than it normally should do. Every ad-
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pain would not cease with the appearance of the paraly-
brances of his student life at the University of Penn-
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notwithstanding the night exposure of the latter in the course of their
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The local phenomena, when a superficial vein of some magni-
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Physique^ — Dr. J. W. Achorn (Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette ^
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at the two hip-joints will render the defect apparent to
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We have heard somewhat of the outrages that have been
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and too often the atmosphere in which they work and sleep is vitiated.
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ufactured under another name, and represented to be made in the same manner as the
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upper (cephalic) contour of the inferior articular pro-
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Societe de Pathologic Exotique, Bulletin de Vlnstitut Pasteur, Surgery, Gyncecology and Obstetrics,
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reasoning applies to migraine and the other bodily states
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The cough, J was informed, became violent soon after he be-
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considerable trouble the body, which proved to be another acorn, was
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the outside surface of the connecting tubes, being drawn up by
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lant to flabby granulations, in solution (gr. x-xx, f gj), as a stimu-
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had repeatedly grown out again. At the time of operation no
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