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hospital for treatment, a preadmission screening is normally done. This
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ness by segregating active principles from bulky drugs and pre-
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original disease, perhaps tuberculosis, as for the anaemia and cachexia
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5000, or I to 20,000 to solutions of cocaine for local anesthesia.
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tality of the former group was 9.5 per cent. ; that of the latter group
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of the hands, the ungual matrices, &c., remain as pale as ever. This tendency
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And so with regard to mania. "\'e have had cases of epilepsy
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flammation of the mammae in females, and of the testes in males, which
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accuracy in delivery and saving your office help valuable time.
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prevented. I refer to the cases of persons in positions of great
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spleen, bone-marrow, and brain, the author observed
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toneal, should be made with the knife. Yet how often
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are derived from the lymphoid cells. The caseous metamorphosis, upon which
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effect. Sanitary reform should be the result of co-operation
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remains of this once * vigorous public service but its name,
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haemorrhages, but persisting after they have ceased, is anaemia. It is
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but full knowlege as to its cause and variety will be of very great
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quires. From the observations of Lacnnec it is declared, that
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the vomer which is exposed at the ethmoidal notch. The chamber was, in
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electricity took place at Sing Snig, N. Y., on Tuesday
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published on the subject, the best known of which, at least
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minute bristles is found on the side. The mandibles
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the strength of numerous clinical observations, described a special form of
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diarrhea, and tympanites were present ; she had not
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inhaled, has been known to produce in persons of a certain
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was 21 per cent, after the first feeding and 65 per cent, after the