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as recently illustrated in a case reported by Tilton.

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when attacked by disease it will surely be infinitely more profitable and

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antidotes to its injurious action producing with it harmless salts of

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in mind the necessity of watching the patient we can get

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lent straining at stool. Children are most subject to this

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mented by gastroenterostomy because of a paunched condition

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trated his course in a manner peculiar to himself. As an opera

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desire to obtain the bacterium of erysipelas. What was

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As previously stated after every operation of this sort

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close of the contraction one could distinguish by a

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intense. Cases have been met with also in acute myelitis and in transverse

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to find in man himself the cause of his religious consciousness it

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tractility of the capillaries to members of the Physiological

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Comparative view of the practice of Surgery in the French

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During the summer of 1913 the authorities of the British

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Another class of cases resembling the hysterical in the fixxjuency of

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In Eulcnburg s adult case the atrophy began in the hands and was

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disease. Intoxication may also be an etiological factor. Tumor

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degrees io4degrees within twenty degrees 104 degrees before the third

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tints or nearly so by either of the following methods

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Radcliffe s courtesy and inquired if the recurrences of disease

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one or more of its leading branches very important and sometimes con

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cerebral attacks convulsive seizures transient aphasias slight weakness

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and this is usually a serious matter. In our series this

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It is not necessary that the stricture should be exten

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blowing out just before receiving the blood the time

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any one as husband or wife to effect a cure. Allbutt says of

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joritv of cases occurs within the first twelve hours

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power of producing hair teeth sebaceous matter amp c.

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virus. The last editions of these publications contain specifi

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rior abdominal fistula cannot be established the course

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of aortic insufficiency. It may be visible in the thyroid cartilage.

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engorgement the cut surface may bleed freely and small extra

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flora. The Abies or Finns Larix yields a sweet exudation called

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to light they should be subjected to a severer pen

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than 3 ft. There should be a clear distinction drawn

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has proved most effective against E. gallinacea. Within a week of

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inchiding the pelvis and perinephritic tissue secondarily if at all

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constipation and uterine or ovarian troubles it will be use

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unless great care is exercised in adjusting it. For

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Of the 236 deaths reported for that month 142 were recorded in the

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frequent intervals. It is important to fix the patient to a ring in

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uiental orders receiving the sanction of Parliament in the