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sugar in the coloring-matter. Claret is the best wine. The

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more or less eftusion. Frequently a friction-rub is felt before complete

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tions which afford the patient the best opportunity for outdoor life in

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335 cases ; Kolet, in 1,005 cases, only four; Molliere, only one in 234

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hancement of resistance to the latter. Aside from prophylaxis, nothing

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nuts. The fruit is the size of a hen's egg, and the seed or

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hood. Among foreign resorts, Davos possesses about the same advan-

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project above the level of the surrounding mucosa. The submucosa

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other local symptoms are due to intense, dry laryngo-tracheal irritation.

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cases — 2 in number — in which acute nephritis developed during the first

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and only 11 per cent, were failures. They suggest that the drug

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co-operation on the part of the patient. I know of no other con-

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effects are not dependent upon the dose, and the minutest quantity may

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bath of 80° there is a pronounced change in this pulse, as shown in

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bing the calf muscles, when they are as tense as a board in cholera, ivith

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incisions are practically never indicated. An incision less than

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melized, and the flavor is improved. Steam the toast, and you

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a child, or even care for a child, nor, above all, to sleep in

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Franklin Stahl. The table is by Roberts, and shows the re-

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the publication of statistics which are incontrovertible, and which prove

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only be useful in cases of pancreatic diabetes. He gave in-

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from the operation live before a return of the original trouble.

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the circulating blood and. by increasing the appetite and improv-

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acidulated with a few drops of dilute phosphoric acid or

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of nurses; or handle with satisfaetiou the matter of advertising-;

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