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The oxidizing ferments of milk. — Milk contains no true oxidases or
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and glandular tissue, and can only be studied either upon
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cotton and worsted goods are frequently sallow and anemic.
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blebs ; the vesicles appear in crops ; are commonly discrete ;
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occurred and the cicatrices about the mouth were formed thirteen years ago
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throcytes to the vessel-walls. As a matter of fact, we have more
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to be in the following proportions: 38,416 patients,
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stitution and of his many endearing personal qualities ;
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From this time all went on famously, for a season, with our
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largely "silent," so far as our present possibilities of neurological
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either alone or with a co-existing exostosis or exchondrosis of the latter.
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of even a minute quantity of free acid in many of these
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never quarrel about that which they know. There is not the
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cases had occurred in 'that part of the city known as Canada,
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1. In limited infiltrations or exuberant ulcerations of the posterior
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tuberculous. — Langenheck's Archiv,^^.yiyiy}^\, Hft. i.
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value of pain. Although, by lectures and the English editions,
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cervical glands were enlarged and tender; this continued for-
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but to be classed nevertheless as pneumonia. Apart from this, congestion
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should not be neglected. Had Dr. Waterhouse been atten-
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hospitals, to be read at the next annual meeting of the
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he had undertaken to treat himself at home, and naturally adopted
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try is highly favored in having do greater proportion than
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The administration of meclizine to pregnant rats during
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as attending the acts of standing and walking become more pronounced ;
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time to the present, and as regards geographic distri-
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inflammation, abrasions, or ecchymoses suggestive of finger pressure
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with much inflammation. The worm fometimcs, at firfc, ap-
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the infected houfe. till the purification is completed, and any lofs that
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on the liver, a wineglassful of Hunyadi water, or two or three drachms of
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into the spinal canal between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae,
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tension, possibly the profuse sweating may do good by removing acids
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lieves in the equality of acute diseases in presence of the paralyses. On the con-
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points to the left. " Where are your eyes ?" He shakes his head ;
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may be allowed to quench thirst; but the unrestricted use of ice may
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cine without the paper. Another man could give an ex-
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The ordinary shoe often cramps the toes into a dis-
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material. Before being disturbed, a bale of infected hair is
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ting a stream of water! They are powerless in diminishing
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the existence of chronic meningitis. In chronic cases the
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Diagnosis. — This is generally not difficult where arthritis is present, and
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others did not do well and were afterwards put on strychnin and
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perpetuate what we have gained, we must work on with the same
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