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The present action of the Indian Government is based on a

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simple boiled water temperature 105 V is sufficient. The

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l r. Powell on the Usf of Nitrate of Silver in Convulsions. 149

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may be applied until a good crust is formed. A heat cradle applied

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ValviUar lesions in children present no special ditliculty in diagno i.

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Smilax ornata. Imported from Costa Rica and commonly

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nessed in cases of anaemia and chlorosis debility inducing dyspepsia and

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bacterial contamination. By the use of the centrifuge

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plained of by the patient will be considered first.

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several convulsions became comatose and died Octol gt er 19. At the

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hours she could neither speak nor chew but breathing was not interfered

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kite the muscles without affecting the skin and it was his briUiant appUcation

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aids in the afterbirth removal. Do not take the afterbirth away before

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is proud to have it so. I am pleased both personally and

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of relieving thirst and changing the dry tongue and

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there were no medical grounds for assuming incapacity for fruitful

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of eleven puerperal women concluded that sugar was not normally

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discussion is maintained by the tragic issue of most cases

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years although not recognised until lately. Lice appear to be the

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diseases amounted to 38 an unusually large number which may be attri

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baffled all efforts for relief until her eyes were put

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duties without further molestation and litigation. This was carried

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her and thmk I know something of the repairs and in

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thritis iritis and the rarer endocarditis pleuritis and

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Showing the results obtained at different Institutes at one time or another.

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the eft ects on colonic motility exerted by the intro

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water supply is continuous and fluctuating but it may be drained

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much in the latter part of the day and especially nothing warm

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disappear from the skin. When it is alternately hot and cold the skin

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danger of an anaesthetic in most adult cases of empyema does not

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Irritants Narcotics and Narcotico Irritants. Another division is

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contra indicated in cases of osteo arthritis and par

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The author has employed most of the rubber drainage tube or catheter split

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ceases. Occasionally attacks of vomiting and pain occur when the

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corresponding antitoxin if such should have already been prepared.

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parenchyma which may soften break down and communicate with each

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sons or invalids it takes the same position as arrow root although

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the abdomen where it was retained by means of a guard afler

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services such as maintenance of clinical information in important drugs

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usually begins at night by vomiting and purging. The matters vomited

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than a nickel. The woman being a multipara I rebuked her for

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other methods of treatment. He may then either give the patient

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a result of which I concluded that fuller s earth has

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operation it was isolated and divided transversely and the

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sures for giving those that lived after them the opportunity of studying

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tories and other scientific workshops. From which information

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Alberta and south western Saskatchewan restrictions have existed

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that admits of temporizing we may eventually first try one of the

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Laveran A. amp NicoLLE C. Le Kala Azar Mediterran6en ou

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The following factors enter into the creation of this per

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The constantly noneffective rate is the true mdex of the loss of

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to the statement of his neighbors w henever he was sick went

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rotomy for pyosalpinx. Time of administration twenty three

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arrangement ehould be takou to cover the cost of maintenance

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position the action causes flexion and abduction in

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vided. The iron cover is placed alongside the bucket within the box

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effected by the alcohol absorbing oxygen from the atmospheric air