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therapy Therefore, when discontinuance of propranolol is planned, the dosage should be

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cedure. From sundry considerations, Kraft-Ebiug was led to

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pressants and anticholinergic-type drugs Closely supervise cardiovascular patients

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tense, as we find it in the rapid breathing of acute

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cholera the heat falls three or tour degrees below the normal standard. In

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Authour) to the Keader," signed " W. Carie," complaining that

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states that, in the case of a chlorotic girl, an analysis of the blood gave, <

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the Gymnasium and assistants with the results attained in the way

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labelled, " the symptoms and signs of chronic salpingitis

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bule, to prevent the admission of cold air and dust

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but after a few days, when covered by granulations,

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after bringing out the clinical features of the case, consider

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removal without pain, of a nevus from the neck of the eminent Dr. Berg-

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The mass expelled from the uterus resembled early decidua

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gone into the subject very thoroughly in each instance, the num-

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the child through the narrow bony strait by force. This must be

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92-10;5. — Jacoby (A.) TJeber das Erloschen der Natiir-

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if we make dropsy consist simply and directly in mere serous effusion,

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diluted with water without separation of carbolic acid. a

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Treatment. — The management of passive congestion of the kidneys

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Bacteriology. — Glanders is a microbic disease. The bacillus, which

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the dorsal surface of the scaphoid at its ulnar extremity

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to

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Virginia will be held in Charleston, S. C, on the third Wednesday of next February.

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patients suffering from it arrived in two vessels from New

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in its effect on muscular labor. The right hand was subjected

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phthisis; and we lament to say, that the powers of the remedies

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the disease is of local origin, if the systemic infec-

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him closely for two or three days succeeded in restoring him to

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ment, in which the women are communal to the whole tribe.

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diphtheritic exudation and has been called such by the majority of writers.

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Most of our sections stained with Giemsa were fixed with Maier. In

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equal size, taking care to preserve one, if any the smallest, as a control

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The observation of this fact has induced Dr. Galezowski

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answer ; as early as possible. As soon as a positive diagnosis of a

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