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The external surface of the sac is perfectly smooth and nacreous in appear-
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occur in the different organs of such patients, catarrh of the uterus is
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"' '■'■'■ ' '■'--..-.^""."^".:'™:™;;:a;;r::-:::
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space should arouse suspicion of the condition, which can be
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were known — one which was the true acute mania, and which
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growth of mycelium, but no sclerotia. In media of higher concen-
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the danger from this source progressively diminishes after the first weeL
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clear. Both elements constitute powerful predisposing
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to do. Inflammation from extension may be secondly to erysipelas or
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the spinal cord. It is only by carefully watching the progress of such
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taken irritable excitement becomes more aggravated after
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is almost universally admitted, and many authorities hold that urate gravel
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medical treatment. Indeed, everythino- pertaining to hab-
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Interosseous pads, he finds, will also fully compensate
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laboratories founded at the same time to assist in the intensi^ e cam-
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nerves. And why, let me inquire, in the name of common
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swollen and hang down over the eyeballs, the cheeks are pendulous, the
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tilings just by a little skillful argument. I liave been A'^eiy successful in
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low fifty in fifteen days. Their reports state that they saw no good
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The internal or free face of the internal tegument or mucous
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perfectly exposed the wound in the walls is sutured, according to the
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The knowledge of the colloidal gold reaction, obtained from the
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the Doctor for referring to his ureteral work and placing credit
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had said I should have received a well-merited rebuke
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monary artery ; contraction of its tubes, diseases of the lung tissue,
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cabin passengers; the troops are all comfortable on shore,
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should not be confined to one spot, and a reason for the
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and other diseases, anaphylaxis and serum sickness, the opsom'c index, fennests
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* Since the above, it occurred to me to make the following experiments: —
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The seriKiit in medicine is meant to symbolize pru-
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found in abundance durins: life on manv of the mucous mem-
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voice. In the case to which I have drawn attention,
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tend, Mr. Tait, on the Dthcr linnd, thinks "ho may be ex-
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to 80 per cent of the cases. He believes it to be due to the high temper*
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phenomena of almost any other disease. If there was one disease
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to lower the Binet I.Q. and lowers ratings obtained
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one as it stands. Dr. Shrady, the editor of the Record, opens his co-
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ed the very existence of contagion, as appertaining
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get on the car. and returned home. Prom that time on until the time
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body. Yet this is the highest point, to which investiga-
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died eighteen days after admission. At the autopsy, the
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applications of leeches, as well as warm but light poultices to the ab-
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and in hospital-practice, and no period of hfe is too far