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being only about fifty per cent, of the corresponding
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nerves, and mucous membrane. But muscular fibres, nerves, and vessels are
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down— considerable benefit may yet be accomplished by judiciously applied
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ment of the affected side from below upwards, securing the arteries
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so far as I have been able to determine, another hitherto
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posed that increased vascularity precedes the deposit, but this is not fully
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effect in a limited and improving pulmonary lesion of the re-
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centre may cause emesis ; but, as depression of the centre
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of pregnancy with albuminuria. Yet the severity of the intoxi-
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animal the same eryptogamic vegetations were to be detected as in man. Dr. Carter
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slightly diluted, at a boiling temperature, filter, and test the filtered liquid,
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siva, iieli.st eincr Revisitatiou eines alteu Rouiberg'schen
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In a fair proportion of our cases we found near the muscle nuclei,
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less, malignant emboli have reached the liver and developed into secon-
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and medulla, and in the medulla. The final result is not only
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nize pathological bone torsion and fails to correct it, fundamental
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(rigaischer ajrzte) zur Heilkunde III., 3. Riga, 1855, s. 331.
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cartilage. I have seen most virulent syphilis result from cartilage having been
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ignorance of the community, especially of the lower orders, as to
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drinks, and lime-water may be indicated. Peptonized food is often well borne
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gatherings and international congresses; we are living in an era of
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sons were pathologically active in the case. I had neglected to
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bewildered and ashamed to discover that he dare not, with whatsoever
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— GARGET. — This is an inflammation of the glands that
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Case 1. — A man, 50 years of age, and the man in Case 2, who was 25 years
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the grape vine, and permit the use of lager beer. We should
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Curetting the Bladder in Cystitis. — Camero^ reported twenty-nine
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second or third day there is profuse sweating which may last for hours
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per person. In addition, over 250 employees use the office to sign in and
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suppose, then, that a medical jurist is consulted in a doubtful case,— What arc
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14. If the bowels are loose, he down in a warm bed, remain there, and eat
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IIkffknoeu, a. C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Found unfit for
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cation, but determined to rise in his profession. He
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The formation of these toxins is a question of physiological chemistry
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He also thought that a large proportion of the cases reported to
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factory results may be obtained by this method. E. Buge* recom-