the recognised practical value of tlie carbohydrate tests.
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Internal treatment consisted of two drachm doses of potassium
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San Diego was appointed to the same board vice J. Simpson.
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trachoma even if it were desirable. I shall therefore
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cases inflammation affecting the area supplied by one branch of a nerve
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grounds but on the peculiar lesions produced when inoculated
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mania with hallucinations and delusions such as are com
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be practised with carbonic acid gas. A small teaspoonful of tartaric acid
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as a condiment for food in England it is employed to colour
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Traction is mainly a question of body weight and at p.
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unfit for food in the larger cities where a system of veterinary inspection
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occurrence is due to some cause interfering with the placental functions.
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more or less mottled appearance. Some cases present
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disease broken out among a larger number of individuals wholly
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In the tuberculin test we have practically an unequivocal
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patients as an alternative to the risks and inconvenience
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New York The Treatment and Prognosis of Incipient Cata
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gle sign to indicate consumption and many others which it is not
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accurately described by Sir D. Oorrigan and is therefore often called Cor
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have not proved by examination or by other tests equally satis
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Nothing is so effectual in restoring life after the inhalation of