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I am informed by the President of the Board of Mana
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sheep from the farm must be met by a substantial penalty
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ticle for twenty five years after a kick from a horse.
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Vesiculae seminales conveyance of seminal fluid to
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than in the vagina and ci nseijuently in the uterus
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and accumulates causing the nasal opening of the affected side
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of medical science and the instruction of students in special
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astringent though not often given inwardly yet is recom
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of the calculi. During these attacks her physician was all atten
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upon as migrated leucocytes these are so densely packed as to cause
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which the ansomia was intense without any discoverable local
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orrhoeal disease and were supposed to have been situated in the
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An operation was performed the same night the abdomen was opened
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millimeters and will drop back to the starting place in two
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wished its deliberations to be crowned with success.
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along the narrow ledge his heels dangling in the air. When his
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are sometimes filled with a yellow purulent fluid about the fourth dav when
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As regards these questions medical opinioQ has been
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lum the operation should be made below the superior curved line in order
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tend to favor the formation of the protuberances which would
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portant for us first to reserve physical strength and not try to
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utes one or the other among the objects fell into a hyp
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flow. The difficulty however of insuring the attention
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Diseases. Physicians and students of third and fourth
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such addresses can be secured from the great modern masters of me
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In the treatment of recent sprains the use of immediate
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extends to the uvula the nasal cavity is not properly shut
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It usuall takes a dozen animals at least to determine the
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latter condition is the more difficult to fulfil excess in
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pose of perfumery the enormous consumption of leaves for the
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rigidity was marked and an inflammatoiy mass could be dis
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