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of the infecting spirochaetes was probably the placental
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their use especially if the system of beds is so constructed
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For Paralysis of the face and eyelids give Causticum in minute
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failure of the intravenous injection to produce 100 per cent of lesions
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spleen. Its parenchyma is divided into lobules which contain vesi
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miffht give rise to a mischievous development of variola.
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matter of routine to remove scabs in surgical prac
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valescent Hospitals should be created on ample farm lands lo
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is large death results under symptoms of suffocation.
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families of the rich in cities soon become extinct in sum
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order to determine what steps were necessary to be taken representa
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Uschinsky s fluid can be replaced by aluminum with no effect
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The prognosis is extremely unfavorable. Of the fourteen cases collected
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Gross pathologv of gastrointestinal lesions from feeding dichlorethylsulphlde. 617
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the after treatment. The sixth rib being bared with
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notice that the forty first annual meeting of the Southern
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Solution of acetate of ammonia 349. Carbonate of ammonia 361. Hot
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eye. The jaw opens fairly nearly admitting two fin
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cavity and introduces the tampon of iodoform gauze in a
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land and great success and popularity have attended
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the uoruial saprophytic group. In one case a.infrequens
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in the one the more perfect is the abatement of suffering and
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ford Robertson. Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry. University
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lications. If possible copies of such publications should be sub
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haemoglobin occurs only in small quantities it may give a lake or smoky
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sometimes present. It is said that ocular disturbances will be present in
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selves subject the diseased tissues removed at operation
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that they are syphilitic although ocular evidence of
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the corner stone of our treatment of the heart. The
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This exhibit was accorded much praise and comment during the
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signs of dyspepsia and cribbing appear he claims there is something wrong in
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