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Professors of Medicine in Town's College — Robert Sibbald — Travelling doctors and
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San Bernardino counties to assist in identifying this ap-
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fect health. Of those who come to us with this form of
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flow from the superior vena cava, but due to the rise in the intra-
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plished, we fall asleep and rest from our labors, with the
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Each devoted to a topic vital to physicians: cross-cultural
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dr. iij., m. sum. oz. j., post pil. 4th. Complained of strangury, for
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are either due to direct mechanical action, such as a tear or complete
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This table shows that there are very marked local differences
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ovoid bodies, which he calls Cryptococciisfarcimhiosus. According to
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what I repeatedly witnessed in my own house and else-
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Rectory, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, at 6.25 inches on 18 days, the
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medicinae prafticae quae externas morborum curatio-
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scess in the cheek through the mouth, and considerable pus discharged. The
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asserts that the modern process of milling very white, fine flour,
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a special influence of a soothing or even anaesthetic nature, exercised by
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A few can be disposed of in any conveniently situated
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also pertinently pointed out that certain mild cases were liable to be
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pl.iister arid gravel in the bladder are made hot with the heat.
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ous, and quite deep, with rudimentary leaf projecting over
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that the hypodermic injection of five drops of nitrite
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From whooping-cough, Philadelphia five, New York three,
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to be rare. Tbey may be uni- or bi-lateral, and at the b^iinning, if
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83. Experiments with Snake Poison ; Potassa as an Antidote. Dr. John Shortt . 89
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This society was organized September 9, 1869, and has
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iter, by the fact that the parasites are discharged only when fully
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and much more safelj', accomplished by that measure when pre-
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Briefly, the causes of cirrhosis are: Alcohol in about two thirds of
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Heryng's statement,^ that surgical treatment is contra-indicated