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so that it may extend to the edge of the chin, and over this put one or two thicknesses

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these drugs have been recommended for various morbid

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along the great longitudinal and Sylvian fissures ; here

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then he became, as he termed it, "cranky." and would

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DEFINITION. Abnormal distention of the lungs with air.

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in a profession, or in the arts and sciences, without a classical education, is what I

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secondary changes which it induces in the cardiac muscle.

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ing, but intermits. On beginning work the right ear got

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the juice of the herb during its season. It is evidently of no medicinal importance, and, is of inter-

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Telangiectasis, This form is acquired, and is composed of

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The urine should be examined daily for evidence of ne-

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the aorta, causing, as it were, an eddying of the blood?

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may be given with the salicylate, or the following combina-

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also have been misled is possible. For the present we shall simply call this crystalline substance

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hood of a large bronchus. (3) Pneumothorax, when the open-

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and spongy, bleeding gums will aid in the diagnosis.

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ETIOLOGY. Rickets is rarely congenital ; it usually de-

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Organized in 1880 for the special medical treatment of

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self the question whether all cases of heart disease

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To Samuel Thomson, Botanic Practitioner of Medicine.

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calomel, from four to eight grains, according to age.

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the costs of testing and approving the division's new database.

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The chief cranial reflexes are contraction of the palatal

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less during eating, and generally only when no food is

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All the existing literature on the subject of the Animal Extracts

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lifted and removed, and on opening it there was found a

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SYMPTOMS. Grand Mai. The seizure is often preceded by

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we have grave doubts as to the merits of the article, and, therefore, present our

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Mass., and was four years older than my father. I had one sister older than

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trade name of " Syrup of Figs." With the exceptional facilities, resulting from long experience and entire

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very unsatisfactory to me, for he had left out twelve pages of the most useful part of

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districts for the purpose of providing for educational costs of children with significant behavioral or physical needs."

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organs. Extracts purporting to be made in a few days are absolutely inert, and,

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to such whose ailment continued unabated after hyper-

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In chronic cases the general symptoms are headache, irrita-

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