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readily discover the first indications of the malady. Diseases

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The Ultimate Results of Curetting the Uterus for Puerperal

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toxic effects increased. But in this case no effect was produced on

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often prove curative in the young. But in adults such

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same thing by considering the number of arrests for 10 years.

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respiration in narcotic poisoning is a simpler and more eflicient

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Hospital treatment with its organized service is an abso

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own weapons. As medicine is nothing more than the art of operat

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indicating a limitation of th lt on to the peripheral distribution of the

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In L909 the Collection of the Odontological Section of the Koyal Society of

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traindications for removal while extirpation of the

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claimed that the defendant a physician failed to give his

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Bomehodr at Johns Hopkins with vaccines. She was no better. She

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remain green through the winter. The fruit or berry is bright scarlet

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retards Ijoth peptic and panci eatic digestion. It has been generally inferred from

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the crura cerebral peduncles or the capsule has not been made. Certain

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produces an undulating membrane and a flagellum and

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special studies still more extensive is what Dutch scholars have

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resurrection. The Peruvians and the inland negroes of


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been much written about poetry but where else in English literature will

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incise the perineum upon one side. The artificial laceration was

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indeed experience gives the probability that no recurrence need be

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albuminuria rashes and other phenomena of an angio neurotic character

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On I ray IStli 1921 I was asked by Mr. Potts ophthalmic

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number of negroes contained this parasite. It is there

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ful in all fractures of the femur and is especially so

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was present more frequently and in larger amount the younger

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a short time since revealed the fact that a passenger was

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in the office until his death on February 21 1900. Prof. Smart was

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The Situation of the Disease. The dorso lumbar section

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in the greater part of Mindanao has been possible without a regiment of

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Mississippi. The telegram calling him to Washington soon followed

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bonic acid sterilization is unnecessary. The conclu

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at the certain risk of arousing considerable oi gt position and even

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may result in thickening in abscess or in fistula. All

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partly satisfactory results. The parasites are banished from

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thirty four who had had hemorrhages. At the time of

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fossa. She was brought here in that condition the tumor extending

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For these reasons in the case of L. H. I did not approach

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unilocular or multilocular and besides fluid of different kinds may contain

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in distended sacs to the nature of an endothelial cell.

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or where owing to the patient s condition or for some other

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good diet rest and arseniate of iron being prescribed. As yet not much

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much more common than any lesion of the pulmonary valves. Both

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enjoyed good health until two months before her death. About this period

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le the inOnmsd condition of the femoral vein and the circumstance that

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not a clinical school of veterinary medicine but a school

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lower half of the trunk presents at the centre of the strait.

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my mind the therapeutic value of electricity in some

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The treatment was again discontinued and patient died six months later.

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favors re expansion of the lung. On the other hand the method is


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the increased work required of the heart in raising the column of

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by reason of shame or disgust remain buried. There therefore results

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treatment of diseases of the alimentary tract will bj

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position or if there are live muscles anteriorly the posterior tendons

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at present under observation a child 8 years old who

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The patient died April 9 1903 five days after entrance to