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Sculpture, and the Royal Colleges. By the Chbt. J. SAaLARoiaas, D.M. TranalaMd tkom ite

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make occasional extracts from it, as opportunity presents, with a view of

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freezing point. Dr. Blaxall^ states, in this connection, that glycerine has

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Smollett furnishes an admirable description of spurious pregnancy occurring

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It often happens that a course of mercury produces symptoms connected

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culum with which they ultimately become fused. The line of fusion is

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when the primary sore has become manifest, for analogy with all other

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AflTectiuns, Club Feet, and other Distortions of the human body, and will aid kislfMrMm*

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as a substitute for muscle-kneading, when its application is more convenient and

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resided at high altitudes can have failed to notice the pecuhar condition of

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tendency is for the symptoms to get worse, and for the patient to die from

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Some such cases have even proved fatal by perforation of the intestine.

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Skin. — A rash appears soon after the snuffles have been observed. It

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canal contains fat, which has, in a few carefully recorded instances,

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with drastic medicines, and then gave alteratively iBthiops mineral fnora-

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and superintendent was Rufus VVyman, M.D., who resigned in 1835.

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The fever which accompanied the influenza seldom required general

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(united twins) and monstrosities by excess, it would seem that the morbid

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i and even walk aboul Hie room. Ulcers appeared about the gluteal hmis^

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low as sometimes recommended ; he obtained equally good results with

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through the vein, and permits it to remain in a sufficient length of time

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existed a week before it was plainly identified to be what it is. There

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disappearance. From time to time the tissues appear to regain the power

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ble taste of the mouth ; the pulse full and strong, and the patient of a

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the Royal Academy of Medicine, Paris," contains a well-writen mono-

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covery first made by Professor Wright of Netley and Surgeon -Captain

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urinary calculi. I say novel, for I am sure neither common sense nor

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there is visible growth after twenty-seven hours. Inoculation into guinea-

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The following case occurred so long ago as October, 1827. It wouU

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it has been treated by the ability of an Abernethy, a Baillie, and a

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