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after the ingestion there was intolerable itching, and soon vesiculation on the

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It is, of course, impossible to exclude as an etiological factor the entrance

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urethra contained much less blood the day after the operation, and in

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In the second case reported the subclavius muscle was lacerated and

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It is pathogenic in many animals, and during epidemics rats, mice, and

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cells were infected, but no other sinuses involved. After

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sented to the institution the building at the north-

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of untoward symptoms have not increased. The antitoxin of choice is that

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the ounce may in some cases be added with advantage. Strong, tarry

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Notice to Contributors. — All communications intended for insertion in the Original

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They may be admirably fitted to meet certain pathological conditions,

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nently, we are full of hope that we shall be able to

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ventro-fixation according to Olshausen's method. Conservatism should be

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attack, the injection, by means of a sterilized hypodermatic needle, of a 2 to

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rial. Fractures, if they occur, are purely of a secondary nature, for

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two, but was to be considered serious also, for pre-

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tained which resemble in form, size, and structure of nucleus and pro-

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— each in a different part of the bone from the preceding ones. All

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Schwerin, and this increase corresponded with a dearth of fodder, illus-

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This is the same as a case reported by Chaussier (Proces verbal, etc.

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tide the patient over the time until the toxaemia sub-

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tients suffering from mental diseases, but will also promote

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14. Horsley. British Medical Journal, Fe!)ruary 27,

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tomatous material. This was carefully curetted away and the cavity thor-

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LA Carriere states that the peculiar properties of this drug are antiseptic,

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who was incapacitated by pain about his right elbow

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a patient in collapse and permanently revive those apparently moribund.

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profession, as regards special study and ex])erience.

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important to remember that the tubercle bacillus did

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cell proliferation is set up in one in whom the de-

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better results. It was very essential that these treat-

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gallbladder for months — another instance of a ba-

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thanasia. With the exception of the chronic relapsing and recurrent

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pains. In cases where pieces of placenta or membrane have been left within

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ological report re<vealed tube thickened and lumen oblit-

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of Syphilis. — Daisy M. (). Robinson experimented

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skepticism in reference to the value of test meals.

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in the pelvis. Cystoscopic examination showed a marked

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sion of the medical methods of the primitive peoples

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with a I in 500 bichloride of murcury solution, then

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[The case is referred to because it illustrates the peculiar and insidious