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and its preference to quinine can be entertained only by a water
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that he was one of the great men of the world ; and no man,
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drinking-cups in the public schools, etc.), and in this way the germs of
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From a great number of samples of macaroni products
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" An important point brought out by this report is the comparative
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brought in with others of a crew infected with scurvy. He
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less fortunate brother, to whose comfort and pleasure he him-
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ameba. Its development is attended with the appearance in its inte-
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nized teachers, with whose views the author is in entire accord. My
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enticing, but the newcomer should sit in the sun when prac-
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that with rest and medical means in ;3,523 cases so treated and
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sterilized by heat, wet or dry. When labor begins the patient
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amino-propyl cinnamate. It occurs in the form of small snow-
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of the system with water, to carry off the accumulated ni-
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little trouble usually. Now and then a sea lawyer bobs up
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low influenzal attacks more frequently than during the jiast sum-
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age, the food supply, the tables, the dishes, especially the
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which was changed every two hours ; in high fever a cold wet turban
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method is susceptible of a more logical rationale than is any other
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Apothesine, the synthetic local anesthetic recently announced by
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The proper way to eat pine-apple is to shred it and then
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immersing the patient in a bath of 88° F. He advises that the patient
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developed by it in the animal body, and yet not destroy that
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probably kill the patient before the bacteria can propagate themselves
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influenza. For the present the diagnosis must be clinical rather
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tient's temperature reached 102° F. in the rectum, accompanied by a
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and decidedly that Dr. Brand's method of treating with cold baths
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cheesy masses. The affection is less common than tuberculosis of the
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namely, its slowness of action. Cantani advocates the injection of an
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Since water may be applied as a therapeutic agent externally to the
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earthquakes as scarcely to appear safe as an abode for human
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nus. This gave Roux and Borrel a pointer, and they treated
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must insist, with full consciousness of the import of my words, that
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Its absolute increase is indeed very large, amounting in the first
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supervision of an inspector. Such a ])lan would go a long way
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the food be ? Well, this will depend much on the age and the