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never could reconcile it to myself that an inflamed tissue could

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the Hindoo in Rajasthan ; and in Yucatan, the skeleton is still found with the vase of

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in the laboratory ; the manner in which mineral teeth are

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the platinum needle is sterilized in the flame at every

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Again, at the conclusion of his remarks. Osier quotes

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creatine finds a useful function in the anabolic process of the muscles.

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an indentation in the flesh of the limb, which is noticeable after death ;

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While, then, it may be true that white blood-corpuscles

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This bread is now best known as " Graham Bread," —

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the restoration of the blood, or upon the functional action

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commenced to rise steadily. On evacuating the bladder the

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By Eugene Grissom, M. D., LL. D., of Denver, Ex- Vice-President of the American Med-

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held the post of Brigade-Commander, in reporting on the war, has

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nation by myself, other surgeons, or satisfactory to the patient himself, and

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by the badly-constructed school benches and desks and the

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Some ascribe the secondary or sedative actions of Opium to the reaction

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been earned by a fracture oi the patient's left thigh.

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of over 1 in 40 six months after a " T.A.B." inoculation.

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