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deaths in this class, more than half died within eight hours; the long-
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with the preservation and reparation of the individual, and pro-
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Actinomycosis of the Head and Neck. — ]More than half of all the cases
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If dilatation have taken place, the measures indicated are still those
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I run the risk of septic peritonitis and of adhesious. This, in a slight degree, is
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ings about the managed-care juggernaut. They are begin-
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Society; and many analogous instances might easily be ad-
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not skilled and expert, the introduction of such a bag might separate
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Lectures on Railway Surgery.— Dr. Webb J. Kelly, of Gabon,
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infective disease localised to the alimentary tract, caused by a
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' Vtdfi American Journal of the Medical Sciences, No. for April, 18(35.
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either to rings, pins, etc., or whatever the inventor may
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Bending of the Femoral Neck in Adolescence.— This affec-
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The results of the observations may be summed up by saying, that benzoic acid
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They are indicative of important functional or nervous disorder,
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especially the cervical veins, become decidedly distended during the
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Such, in brief, was Ambrose Pare' ; one of the glories of mighty,
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Pathology.— The pregnant female jigger pierces the skin obliquely
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its muscular layers were the two principal primitive
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delphia, etc.: "Vastissimi studii primas lineas circumscripsi." Haller.
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got up in play hours when the regular lectures were over. It
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Epithelioma — Its Distinetion from Carcinoma — Its Minuit
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and from this disease he suffered severely, notwithstanding
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localities in Norway which are thickly populated observations of this
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existed at the end of eight or twelve hours, and hence
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Major Christophers, I.M.S., who worked for a time in my
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CLINICAL INSTRUCTION in the University of Virginia Hospital, which is owned and