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Longoria CC, Gonzalez GA: FiltraCheck-UTI. a rapid, disposable system for

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The state of irritation of the spinal cord, here referred to, may be produced by the following

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has disappeared. In some of the more prolonged cases, however, bed life

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Such ratio, e. g., would give New York City from 500 to 600

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servatism is indicated by a quickened circulation and

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hand, patients frequently surprise us by rallying from seem-

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47. — l/uc. Contribution il I'etude de la mucocele du

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mopping out the uterus with absorbent cotton to douching, but to my mind

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far, apart from injury, the occurrence of sympathetic ophthal-

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arsenical nervous symptoms ; refers to paralysis in the course of

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duces, as good instances of this, Mozart, the musical composer,

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dry climate, the patient gets outdoors,- and in that way he is greatly

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Gordon, W. H. Gregory, W. C. Grosvenor (M. A.), F. E. Gunter, T. C. Guthrie,

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gating his species? Have not the people at large the same right to self-

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light and darkness. When twenty-five years old he began his occu-

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and twenty minutes after the injection the cat vomited. During the next

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width, rounded at the ends so as to form convenient handles, and a

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Aberdeen, and is remembered as their family physician with affec-

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number, show distinctly enough the epidemic tendency ;

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commencing the use of the waters, the secretions, viz.:

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ternal examination showed the os to be very high ; it could scarcely be reached

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fact. When the organ contracts, the bleeding surfaces

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Dr. McGugin, from Committee on Regis- Dimmitt, of Jones,

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At a late meeting of the Pathological Society of London (British Med. Journal,

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investigation which has been mainly instrumental in disproving the old

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or new and valuable observations, to that which introduces

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once, the most recent being small shotty papules crowned with a

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to be received with satisfaction. In some cases, considering the small

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side, and the foreign body sought and extracted. The cow re-

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' This description has been made by me independently of that given by Dr.

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sapraemia is meant the presence in the blood of a soluble toxic substance

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hypermotility and with the vacant area in the duodenum the diagnosis

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Traumatic Tetanus which Dr. Ballantyne had seen recover, although the temperature