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and is characterized by rigidity and loss of power in all of the
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this can be done without the least harshness, by begin-
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by an abundant muco-purulent expectoration, which is at
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COMPOSIXIOPJ— A Chemically Pure Product of Boracic Acid and Phenol.
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In grave cases, from eight to ten minims of the fluid ex-
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In the spring of the year 1806, I came to a determination to go to New York,
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Weak or Shallow Breathing. This is noted : (1) When the
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parts, in the direction of sensory nerve-filaments, and of
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port, which is dated July 15, 1887, states that 'the
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Exercises a specific alterative action on the uterine tissues, a general tonic influence on the Pelvic
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hand to me. The success which attended this experiment, and the natural turn
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28% general fund support by adding $42,433 in each year of the biennium. This is still well below state participation in
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and mucous membranes, great weakness, and gastric irritability
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results are there, and seeing is believing. I can only
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fiH NTJPYRETIC and ANALGESIC ; Prompt, safe and effect-
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ous ; and the smooth-glazed, bright-red, and scantily
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division of a metre, will contain its exact proportion
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Phthisis, Tuberculosis, Catarrh, Cough, Scrofula, Chlorosis^
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the patient is tractable and willing to aid the attendant,
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fourth to one-half a drop. Creasote, he says, is often
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water. The solution consists of 2 parts of phloroglucin, 1 part
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ped Laboratories; capacious Hospital and Dispensary; Lying-
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was left-handed. The third child, also nursed by his
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Febrile Stages. The course of all fevers is marked by three
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officers; development of a peer support implementation plan, and contracting for a workforce development and retention
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tive Hygienic, Prophylactic, and Therapeutic properties.
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Dr. Kinnicutt also asked if there was any other way
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the different effects of strychnine, cherry-laurel water,
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use of such tonics as iron, quinine, arsenic, and the like. Car-
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221 Randolph Street. BAI^TIMORB. X£l^ YORK, 41 Jolin St.
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head is rarely affected. At first the tremor may be parox-
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vanced life ; it begins as a firm, wax-like nodule ; the resulting
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Source of the Hemorrhage. Urethra. The urine first passed
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