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agglutination te. t for yellow fever if positive is of diagnostic importance.

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game. Eggs butter buttermilk curds and cream cheese.

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just below the imibilicus. Dr. Deaver removed the appendix for

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contain definite though small quantities of Potassium salts

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nephritis mottled kidneys becoming granular etc. two thirds of the

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Progxosis. The prognosis is quite good. The larger number of the

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loudest at the second intercostal space or third costal cartilage to the

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is not due to the crack in the skull. There is no reason

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disappear from the skin. When it is alternately hot and cold the skin

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til is class of atients. Diuretics and mild cathartics should be given and

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commence professional study after the issue of these regulations will be

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nor and Kappeler or PirogotTs or Syme s operations.

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It states generally that no cases of the so called endemic influenza

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is the menstruum usually employed to extract its virtues. A pound of

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the organisms may persist for a slightly longer period than in carbonated

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that these remedies are useless by the mouth they may be given by

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as occurring in the case of Albert Jones i.e. Paresis of both

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nearly all sections of the country and was more prevalent at the

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The insects were found infesting the dwellings of the labourers. It

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Editorial Chrysarobin Avidely used in the treatment of psoriasis

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safety from infection during a prolonged transport which most of the transport

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said that before operation he had considered the various other

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good horsemen and accomplished whips and I confess that I plead

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a full dose of Epsom salt a fluid ounce of a concen

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may attack a single joint and it has also been pointed

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the results of the antityphoid inoculation. We under

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resolution easily be removed with restoration of the circulation

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ence on mucous tissues hence the cure of many pulmonary and other

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There is marked anaemia 4 2 500 000 reds per cm. Rogers.

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B is for Benjamin Breakvow about whom poor Jane squeals.

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of instruction however cannot be reduced except by diminishing

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A movable kidney may of course present some difficulties of diag

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of the extremities. Any statement from such a careful observer

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jxjculiar state it at first produces increased vascular action shortly

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intermediate and in the smaller cells also which are found every

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pathology. As usual the French and German articles say next to

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Clark William L. Philadelphia The Introduction of Drugs into

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Stierlin of Basle was the first to call attention to the roentgen

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is the menstruum usually employed to extract its virtues. A pound of

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This railway hospital is maintained by a monthly assessment

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were correspondingly small. In fact there was only one

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close contact with mother Nature from whom they will

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increase of blood pressure and distention and rupture of degenerated

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of the sensory motor reflex arcs found in the cornua

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of gymnastics including duplicate passive manipulation and general

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employed to prevent the occurrence of cicatricial contraction.

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has been occupied with the material which he has collected on his various

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but the science of law is universal and is not confined within the

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Besnier heard a diastolic murmur and suspected aortic re

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Carriere and others in England there is the age of Henry Hallam

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an ordinary wooden socket made by any limb maker could

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history should be obtained from all sources be it from the em

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puberty that the sentiments of strength and fearless

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section on diseases of the intestine which are printed

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jective symptoms making differential diagnosis espe

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Professor Tltfier Paris read a paper on this subject.

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of Bone. Symptoms and treatment of diseases of the bones of the face.

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valves of the heart the crystalline lens of the eye

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kind and course of the process. As this is true for childhood in

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their chosen branches and while some of the views ad

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in which with admirable rhetorical skill he enforces the dogmas of that

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Davidge was a general practitioner and a practical epidemiologist.

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and distributed to scientists and appropriate scientific and research

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would have certain objections and would possibly run

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Sir Thomas Longmore an eminent British surgeon died

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effective against such worms as ascarids than any anthelmintic

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tendance and diligent participation in their activities.

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frequently at short intervals and pass into coma at end of twenty four

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expression such as only Holmes s face could assume

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audible over some spots at any rate and there may be bronchial

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pregnant woman Does it inevitably mean that she has

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purulent expectoration. The passage of the urine and faeces can still be