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vessels of the walls of the organ were also affected,

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the investigators. The most notable findings were the impor-

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H. B. Esmond, M.D., of Houlton ; C. A. Paul, M.D., of Solon ;

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in many schools, with only one of these instruments at the disposal of

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}. lactis aerogenes in whole milk heated to 60° C. 30 minutes . . .

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and girdling, and traumatism (falls, heavy lifting, and the like) have frequently

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skin, but the typical eruption of lichen ruber planus did not return.

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of the heart may occur when least expected. Even after the

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more frequent than in those who have escaped such cardiac

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We have been far too much accustomed to speak and to

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of the muscles of the body. An autopsy revealed minute haemor-

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came on after a strain. She was treated for gastric dis

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of clinical medicine in the University of Minnesota,

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sixth month it contains a large central canal similar to that described

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commonly told that they considered the disease as very

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the blood-vessels. Under the influence of gravitation

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slimy matter with a decided odor of fresh fish. This fish

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pari from the nuclei of the nerres, and from the corpora olivaria. These transverse fibres

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cultivable bodies, and 24 hours later, intravenously with pneumococci. The

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liquids. 4. It is easily dissolved by a very 'small

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larger nu'mber of pus-cells , and in se.vere cases it becomes distinctl}3purulent.

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sensation very completely, and where the nursing and care of the patient

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Caesar, was the first to recommend the use of a file within

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This aflection of the salivary glands does not so often occur in

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take her bed. All the bad symptoms continued, with pain extend-

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which had been uninterrupted, save by a solitary fit of gout some

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begins with these words : " That this is a cause of cholera haa

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and, while the headache had remissions only, the earache had distinct

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Library, City Hall, Government Building and public parks would

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wall are in excessive action; but, in spite of their efforts,.

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"I Ma\, 1915, maehiiu--i:nn wniiiid- were ju-t a- •jri>--K iiifeeted a- am

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nine years of age. During the last eighteen years he had had re-

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thickening, reducing the size of the blood-column, but