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Pestilences." The Chapel of St. Roque on the Burgh Muir at Edinburgh was

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of the Journal of the American Medical Association, I learned that this

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(2 oz. tin boxes with inner top perforated convenient in applying

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phenomena of idiopathic fever. These are: 1. Increased waste of the nitro-

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fertile source of febrile excitement, while, at the same time, it has

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nique allows the course of a moving catheter to be followed

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logy can render account. While recognising them in'

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is much less persistent. When sulphuric ether is used, it fre-

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and cold, and if his susceptibility is shown by the development of

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the D. R. S. If, in the opinion of the surgeon, a given case

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to time been mistaken for nodular leprosy — for instance, pigmented

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pressure of the finger into two straight columns; the

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animal before it was poisoned by the venom was previously tested as to its

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they would lose the sensation in their hand if for any reason it

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after severe general traumatism. In these cases capil-

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artery and solid arrow indicates anastomosis-superficial tem-

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np excessively, and with the exception of a sore-throat, some

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brane, it is possible that the peritoneal cavity may contain similar pus.

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which a disease manifests itself in the child as com-

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during all stages of whooping-cough, and, if carefully used, produces gratify-

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muscle to the clavicle. Dr. P. had a suspidon, but no% «

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many weary years of a bed-ridden life in an asylum.

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de Mussy likewise enumerates lumbar hypersesthesia, pleuralgia, and

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ninety cases, in a large proportion of which the age at

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have been removed, Hallion, in La Presse Medicals, November 1st,

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and his fame rests on the tradition of his operations,

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ity of the spinal column, from which, when so located, the element

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is lifted, the fore leg should be let down before attempt-

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raisins l'-J ounces. Put all of the above in 1 gallon of

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